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  1. lol i could never fly past the saws so i just used yoshi to get to soda lake
  2. how the hell did you beat those old games on the NES those games are so hard battletoads is impossible without save states the first zelda is impossible without a guide (the 2nd quest at least) i can't imagine kids not GIVING UP for several of these games HOW DID YOU DO IT
  3. why did you make this thread did you think this would be funny
  4. the beatles are the best i wouldn't care if every other band from that era didn't exist except maybe uh simon & garfunkel and the velvet underground just bc i don't have a zillion mp3s 99% of which i only listen to once doesn't mean i don't APPRECIATE MUSIC people who list MGMT and THE ARCADE FIRE as their favorite bands lmao THEY ONLY HAVE ONE ALBUM HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY PUT THEM IN THE SAME LIST AS THE BEATLES
  5. let's face it the overall quality of music hasn't changed at all except that we've prob run out of melodies lol
  6. idk it pretty much epitomizes the PSYCHEDELIC mediocrity that was being churned out at the time let's face it music has ALWAYS been baad and there have only been a few good artists at any time ever how the hell do people manage to have 500,000 mp3s when there are like maybe 400-500 songs that are actually good how can there even be 500,000 mp3s in existence????
  7. komm susser tod is awesome and perfect for end of evangelion are you kidding me
  8. and the thought of people listening to it and loving it makes it so much worse (yeah i know this is a FLAWED WAY of looking at it don't care) so much classic rock is crap especially bands like rush that've played for 70 years and haven't released a SINGLE GOOD SONG imo if you play/write music for more than like 3 years and can't release a good album or even a good song you should be banned from making music forever yeah that means no dark side of the moon but oh well there's like 3 good songs on it anyway what are your thoughts on CLASSIC ROCK
  9. a zelda film like super mario bros would be awesome link is just some guy living in an apartment in san francisco moblins are just these gay punks wearing shirts that say "MOBLIN" on them stalfos are dudes wearing punisher t-shirts link also owns some beat-up stationwagon with the license plate EPONA
  10. which one is hte one with the BOX COUNTING MINIGAMES and the 5-hour load times that one's the best
  11. the SMB movie was fantastic what's wrong with you people
  12. does anyone even play them anymore they're so bad
  13. korgderrs is pretty good but what about borknaeger and smegbortheim666 ???
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