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  1. Ow, thats what I get for making assumptions It just reminded me of Eastern Ice Field when it kicked in
  2. OCR don't send out subs emails very often but I'm glad they did about this one. It works beautifully and the synth is unmistakably BGC's work. Kudos to both composers!
  3. Well, I just found this collaboration of remixes and you guys have no idea how much joy it has brought me S3 + Knuckles was the game of my childhood and I still play it regularly now, the orginal music was, as I'm sure everyone would agree, amazing and to see a remix of it done so well is great to see. From listening I can tell theres been a lot of effort gone into it and it really has paid off. Great job guys. Highlights for me were: Walk on Water - Inclusion of both Act 1 and 2 was fantastic. Elevator Music Dead Batteries The Secluded Stronghold - Was this done by a real orchestra?
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