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  1. The reason is the way your OS handles file extensions. Before XP (I think), there could only be one . in a file name, anything after that was treated as the extension. So instead of a .wav file, it was a .4 file with the file name as "Valkyriemix 1". If you have XP or vista, this shouldn't be a problem though (but I don't know how it works on macs). You can easily rename a file by clicking it once to highlight it, then pressing F2, and changing the .4 to .wav. If you have "hide extensions for known file types" on, then you'd need to turn it off to change the extension. (in explorer or my documents, Tools | Folder Options -> View tab, it should be the last checkbox without having to scroll down).

  2. Like the article, but if you're talking complete remix noobs, then "If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite song from a video game would sound like when played in a metal band, this is the place for you" sounds like ocremix is just a metal site, rather than incorporating a lot of different musical styles. Electronica, ambient, rock, solo piano...we have them all here. I think for clarity's sake, you said say "If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite song from a video game would sound like when played in a metal band, jazz club, or in any other style, this is the place for you." Or something like that.

  3. You can see more of the arrangement by listening to the midi I have linked in my first post (it goes further than what I've done in Reason at this point, even though it's still not complete).

    It's odd that you say the percussion is the same as the source for Hydrocity because I haven't taken anything from a midi or even listened to the percussion, I just found some things I liked and used it (it's not exactly done yet though, I just wanted a basic part on there so I have reference points because you can't do tempo changes in Reason yet, especially speed ups).

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Yeah, I know I picked a difficult song, but unfortunately I didn't really have a choice (you know the whole mind thing making you do it...). I'm hoping one thing going FOR me would be that it's not just Ice Cap, but Hydrocity also.

    Right now I know it's sparse, I haven't had the opportunity to add anything else, I just wanted to get the main arrangement into Reason and deal with the tempo change stuff before I went on with everything else. I mainly wanted critique on the arrangement and instrument choices right now because I haven't done anything else yet, as well as change velocities and timings (I play piano myself, and know about velocities and interpretations with that and minute timing adjustments).

    I personally thought the intro captured the listener into a relaxed setting, but it could just be bias because it was my idea. I do however have an idea for a different intro. And the thought the slowly gaining complexity part fit well into the relaxed theme I was going for, but I guess it could be TOO slow.

    Did you get a chance to listen to the other part of the arragement rather than just the .mp3? And thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate another view on my own piece, especially a contructive one.

  5. So I was in the shower late one Thursday night and decided that I really wanted to make a remix of Hydrocity Zone and Ice Cap. I used Finale to come up with the basic arrangement and used Reason to actually create the remix. It really sucks 3.0 can't support tempo changes (can't wait 'till 4). Ah well, I've come up with a way around that. Anyway, I wanted to post here so that I can get comments and critiques. I have come further along with the arrangement as of now, so I have the midi posted as well (it's not finished yet though). Keep in mind that for the remix, no EQ has been applied yet (because I have 3 (right now) Reason files (one for each tempo change so far and the speed up), I can't apply the EQ until the end, after they've been pasted together in Audacity). Also, drums haven't been finished yet either, also I will be adding background things later, and my experience in Reason is still young. So I'm looking for tips and critiques galore :wink:. Don't be easy, let me know what you think.

    You can get both the midi (arrangement) and the mp3 (what I've done of the remix so far) here:



    Edit: newest version (6): http://www.box.net/shared/7p1s1cfsws

  6. And please understand, the lack of a tempo change capability really shouldn't be the ball buster of a program. Sure, it could be annoying every once and a while, but Reason is one of the most powerful music synth programs on the market. If you're just beginning to use Reason, give it some time.

    Oh, I understand. It's just that with my recent foray into anything besides transcription of video game songs to piano via Finale, lack of tempo change sucks, especially since the song I really want to create has two. But like I said, I have no plan on giving up on Reason. I've used it a bit, and I really like it. I know it's incredibly powerful. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to go through and manually stretch events a little by little to do the speed up. Since I am NOT going to do 8 measures and incrementing every 64th note, it'll give it that "human element" of not being perfect. Hope I don't need any tempo-synched synths though.... Of course, I could create 3 parts of the songs as different files, and then join them through Audacity or something, and all the tempo-syched synths should be ok (except the 2nd part of the speed up, but it shouldn't be that bad).

  7. The best way to do it is to work on the song in one tempo and then export the wav file and put it into Audacity and change the tempo there.

    That's a good idea, but I need a speed up, and Audacity doesn't have a speed up/slow down function (or that I'm aware of).

    Another option that works VERY well is to have have Ableton Live open and to run Reason as a slave program.

    That is another good idea, however, I can't even afford Reason (I have to use my school's full version when it's in session), so I can't afford another $400 program.

    Bottom line, don't give up on Reason just because of a tempo change. It's one of the best music synthesis programs out there!!

    I don't want to, but the fact it's on version 3 and it hasn't done tempo changes yet is REALLY disappointing. It shouldn't be all that difficult to implement it, as all it would need is a tempo automation mechanism and a getTempo() function of some sort. And since the user can change the tempo as the song is playing, I know Reason should be able to implement a way to automate tempo changes. Reason is quite sweet, but that whole lacking tempo changes is quite a gap.

  8. I know Reason cannot support tempo changes, but there are a few workaround for going immediately from say 100 bpm to 160 bpm (scale events), but that doesn't help any if I want a smooth transition. But has anyone tried importing a midi file with tempo changes in it, perhaps as a way to "trick" Reason into tempo changes? The reason I ask is because I need a speed up in my song, and I don't want to invest a lot of time into Reason if I can't do it.

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