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  1. Oh my, it's actually here! After almost exactly 14 years of listening to the original take, I can finally hear the finished version and have a real name for the song :'). Thanks @prophetik music! This is wonderful.
  2. I created a montage using analoq's Oil Spill from Hedgehog Heaven and I would like to link to it in the youtube description. However, I only found a 404 waiting at the song link, launched to from here: https://sonic2.ocremix.org/?p=tracks It appears that richter's site, Palette Swap (http://www.paletteswap.com/), is no longer operational (and all files in the root are gone except for the default) and with it the only web host for Hedgehog Heaven's tracks . The only contact link for the site refers to the webmaster, richter@paletteswap.com, which I expect to hit a dead end if the rest of the site is unavailable. I only know of here to ask about this, so I'm hoping there's something that can be done. Thanks!
  3. I'm very much enjoying my WASDKeyboard with brown switches. You can even submit a decal to go over your keys so it has a special design, plus choose which keys you want letters on (to improve typing speed, most of my keys are blank, so even if I look it doesn't help). If you can't find a keyboard to physically touch and try out, you can order a sample and choose which you want. E.g. http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/wasd-6-key-cherry-mx-switch-tester.html
  4. Sengin


    Definitely loved that game... even the instruction manual was dripping with charm and humor! The game was easy to beat, but extremely difficult to 100% (at least back then). That damn black couldron and left/right buttons... The Dungeon of Defright... *shudder*
  5. This doc was the final step to push myself to get back into melee... I went to amazon and bought a gamecube for $20 and now have a small setup at work for when I stay late. Also, just want to say that since this is bringing a lot of people back to melee, you can melee melee online with other people on your PC! You can find the info here: http://smashboards.com/threads/dolphin-online-melee-netplay.335432/ It's pretty crazy that they've been able to do that... I played with someone from a couple hundred miles away almost like they were sitting next to me - it's crazy!
  6. Has this been posted to any video game news sites? I haven't seen it on Kotaku, at least. Get it out there!
  7. Great stuff you've got! For a request: I would love it if you would analyze from Sonic & Knuckles - I can even provide the sheet music and a midi of it! http://sdrv.ms/16fTMmf . I made this a few years ago using a few midis lying around the internet, Finale 2003, and my ears. That should at least save you some time transcribing . I look forward to more of your stuff!
  8. I think I can. I'll send you a PM.
  9. Anybody want to buy a steam download code for the new Tomb Raider (out March 5th, I believe)? I got it with a new graphics card but I already have it pre-ordered. Selling it for $30.
  10. Hey prophet, I'm looking for some advice: I remember from proofreading your guide to building a PC a few years ago that you mentioned not needing a large-output PSU even for using GPUs in SLI. So I'm at a pivot point: I'm looking to update my GPU in a bit, but for now, an attractive option is to get a second GTX 260 to tide me for a while (probably another year or 2) as it will only cost me ~$75 for another 260. The issue comes to my current PSU: it's 530W energy star bronze. And while it certainly seems to play fine with my 130W CPU, I think adding another 260 would kill it. Because I'm considering upgrading my PSU anyway to an energy-star platinum, I'm trying to figure out the best wattage that can support the temporary solution of 2x260s and an upgrade in maybe 2 years to a ~$250 single card. Google says ~650W min for 2x260s, but I have a feeling it can be stretched. Do you happen to have any advice here?


    P.S. Any update on that traverse town sax/piano wip? : )

  11. That's funny - I just started playing again last week after months. When I first got on Firebase White, I was like "Where the hell did THAT hallway come from!?" And the abominations blowing up was a shocker. It does seem a bit less buggy now too - in the (now) rare case I fall through the floor, I am put right back at the start of the map, instead of being stuck there the rest of the match. Although, Gold seems a bit easier now than it was back in April... maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly though.
  12. So it started a little while ago, but all PC's on the network are now experiencing constant DNS lookup (I think) issues. Basically, I'll try to go to a website, and the "Server not found" message shows up in firefox (chrome shows the more helpful "dns issue" message). Retrying will either fail again or load the page without any style (i.e. white background, blue links, etc...). Retrying it again will usually work. This happens constantly - I can almost never go to a page and it will work. This happens with all web traffic, not just through browsers (i.e. steam, windows update, etc...). The thing is, if I'm downloading a large file, as long as the download starts, it will finish, but I can also get dns lookup errors through other sites even if I am downloading a file. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot? I'm not really sure how to search for this through google, and I've unplugged my router and modem (while I was on vacation 2 weeks, so it was definitely unplugged for enough time to reset). I don't think this would be a router issue but instead related to my ISP? Thanks!
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I really like that piano sample. Where did you get it (or did it come as part of your DAW)? The reverb I think is right on the borderline between perfect and too much, maybe slightly leaning towards too much. The middle is quite long and empty, and I found myself constantly checking to see when the next stuff was coming. Right when it switches (3:59ish) you can tell, but it's only slightly jarring. From 3:05 to 3:35 just kind of dragged on, as it was the same couple notes over and over. I found the first half pretty enjoyable, even though I felt like the melody could be fleshed out a bit more, with a bit more of your own personal take. I didn't find the second half as enjoyable as the first half, but that could just be my taste in music, so I won't comment on it. Overall I enjoyed this, but I personally would only probably listen until about 3:35 each time I listened.
  14. Quite nice! Do you have a music file to download somewhere so I don't always have to go to youtube?
  15. The only problem? It's 2 years away! I, and I'm sure many others, have been waiting for this since Freelancer, most even longer (since it had no joystick support). I am quite excited for this! I will most likely pledge, but I want them to get their site back in order first (and I want to see the details of what each pledge gives me - what exactly is a citizen card, what role will rank play, etc...).
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