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  1. It isn't very often one comes across a perfect remix, but I believe this is one. I can think of nothing to add or take away that could possibly improve it. There's so much going on musically; I'm baffled as to how this could happen without giving Dr. Fruitcake at least three strokes, and maybe a heart attack. The inclusion of the Mario RPG opening is nothing short of delicious when put into context. Also, throughout the arrangement, the steel drums are particularly effective, both as backs and melody. Oftentimes, when they're included in a piece, the author makes them roll too often or never. "Mario's Tropical Paradise" strikes a nice balance between the two, putting emphasis on the moving lines without it becoming simply annoying. As a closing thought, I'd like to mention that some of the vibraphone riffs give me chills (in the best way possible), particularly the closing one at 4:44. Excellent. Simply excellent.
  2. Great arrangement of a great piece. It's got a very laid back 2 feel to it. I'm impressed with how well it takes the original and just runs with it, especially the seamless integration of the synth counter-melody behind the airy main theme. I also like the anagram title...Night Owl >rearrange> Thin Glow Definitely recommend this one.