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  1. Its worth asking if you have a hardware firewall (usually a router), if so, you will have to open port 6112 (look that one up, its been a few years), other then that, if you are on a college network, there are often firewalls elsewhere that you will have no control over.
  2. Thanks for the link., it is much appriciated. Only one Im missing now is C64 vibe... Think I may have that on my old hard drive someplace.
  3. I understand that many of the removed tracks were removed for good reasons, but some of my favorite tracks of all time were listed as "too close to origional" Is there some way I can recover these? I dont really care how little effort went into their creation, I enjoy the product as is. Also, I would kill for a copy of the artist removed track "snowey caps"... =[
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