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  1. Hey all, This is my first time posting in this thread and I have a question for you guys. I'm constantly busy and I tend to exercise around the evening. I'm trying to put on weight, as I'm a scrawny (but improving) 110+ lbs at 5'1". My question is, my hunger always seems to coincide with when I have time to exercise, and most times I'll just excercise through the hunger and wolf something down afterward. At times though (like now) I'll get so damn hungry, even after spacing my meals apart at lunch to try and distribute energy, but I have an incredibly fast metabolism and end up burning it all
  2. I want to be less angry and more thoughtful
  3. That sig is cool. What does it mean?

  4. nice sig. my roommate showed me that song, it was pretty interesting

  5. Haven't all scientific endeavors began at anecdotal evidence? Yes, personal stories by themselves are extremely flimsy especially when using them to argue against mathematical and logic-based evidence. But the point of introducing anecdote to me is to at least show there is exception to a scientific rule or accepted generalization to open up more inquiry to it. Nascent scientific discoveries are nothing more than anecdote until they get researched and discussed by more people. To avoid another quote storm, I agree with djp that I have derived the point that science cannot be objective from sci
  6. So what would your suggestion be? There really is no way to have any kind of argument without it being co-opted to make strawmen or be used to make ad-hominem arguments. For example, right now I construe that you taking up the banner of science shields you from criticism because you monopolize it's objectivity to further your own arguments, which may actually not be very objective at all. Social darwinism attempted to do the same thing, and we know how that turned out. Now before you go ahead yelling that "OF COURSE OBJECTIVITY IS THE GOAL OF REACHING A GOOD CONCLUSION." I'm not talking about
  7. While I do agree strongly with djpretzel that no trope should be discredited from media simply because it is offensive, and to honestly question whether "gender stereotypes" have a biological basis and thus be explored and approached in such a way. (Arguably, to find the best ways of subverting them if needed), I still have some questions While I do not contest that "white straight males" do not experience oppression in the form of classism/ableism/etc. A white straight male still cannot be said to fully conceptualize the effect of racism/sexism/homophobia on their lives IN ADDITION to any pr
  8. Hey, thanks for the replies. Given that I'm probably going to be on the move a lot, maybe a laptop would be a better move. I don't necessarily think it's too much of a burden to lug around something big, but if it can be helped (isn't too expensive) I would like something lighter. My price range is around $1000, possibly a bit over There's a nagging voice at the back of my head that says I should at least be prepared to build a PC when I get into a more stable situation. What pathways do you know of?
  9. So my HP Envy 14 (originally bought in that new-fangled "get a free xbox" sale) is getting a bit old (IE, getting pissed I couldn't run FEZ from the steam sale) and I'm starting to think about at least starting to look for something new. I'm not too sure what exactly I want...but I anticipate that since I'm starting to play games less and less that I won't need anything designed to run triple-A games to maximum efficiency. On a semi-unrelated note, I notice that people keep espousing the virtues of building your own desktop. I'm still wondering up to what point that would be cost-effective? Or
  10. Bah! I bought Fez last night during the flash sale and to my dismay I find that it CTDs upon open... I'll never understand how I can run Fallout and Half-life but this manages to overload my laptop.
  11. No ones going to mention the enormous 12 year old fanbase of Halo and COD?
  12. ... Fuck it, I could stand to make some international friends. There's a hostel nearby where I live if that works.
  13. thats what i was thinking, my monitor that i had did possess an analogue input. But in this case maybe i should hold off on it in order to get a cheaper monitor. The only downside would be that id like to play games when i go the to dorm having a monitor that can double as a tv saves space and perhaps money if i consider buying a small tv...
  14. Hey all, I think my Dell 2007fpb monitor has gone kaput. I was playing psychonauts last night when my monitor suddenly went black and the power light shut off. After letting it cool for a bit, the monitor did not turn back on when i plugged it into a different outlet. Im guessing its a hardware problem beyond my own capabilities (I dont know whether i should try to open it up, although itd be no loss because i have no warranty...) What are your guys suggestions for a new monitor? I preferably still want something widescreen but am unwilling to spend much on it. Also, prior to this incident, I
  15. I was always too worried about leveling to enjoy it
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