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  1. Well Thanks for helping me out guys with the reviewing, the song has been submitted, hope it gets acceptance. If not oh well, Its a fun hobby, expect more out of me on these forums peace
  2. Yo I wasnt saying it "was" MIDI, Just stating that it sounds close to a MIDI... peace
  3. Some people were reporting problems with the download, so I have relocated the file to soundclick.com download here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=696282 Sorry for the inconvenience. peace
  4. Shoot! Im late... Well as promised another revision, the FX at the beginning was reworked, the the breakbeat was also revised very slightly. Also added a reversed bassdrum to make it a little more hard at climax. The pads were re mastered, and the Overall FX panel of FL Studio 7 had to be reworked so it was more efficient. Let me know of any problem you run into with the link, google has been wacky these last few days. *edit: The download has been relocated, my last post and the first post now contain the link. peace
  5. Mwahahahaha! I have some really fat sawtooths bro, but if its Sytrus you want, you really need to try out the JP8000. I usually just make my own synth presets (3xosc FTW!), but when I was beginning out a few years ago, this preset was the sickest out their. The link for that is below: http://warning11.googlepages.com/JP8000.fst (But seriously, play with some knobs and make your own man!) Now for some critique, your song is alright, but you do really need to vary it off subject a little bit more, really close to the original, and if I was to be really mean, Id say cough cough *MIDI* cough cough.... But thats if I was mean.. What im missing a is a big climax to your song, the snare gets really annoying (so do the overall drum layouts), and like Leah said: " This is really close to the original, drums aside. The other posters gave you some good technical advice, but if you are trying to make something that would pass OCR standards, you're going to have to be much more imaginative with your interpretation. But hey, kudos for transcribing the song so closely just by ear, that's not easy!" When your next interpretation is out, Ill be here peace
  6. Thanx for replying, I have been working up a new intro, and the first drum beat might get replaced, Im still deciding. The FX at the beginning was reworked and I have exhausted it to the point of near perfection, it blends also if you have the song on repeat hehe expect the final download tomarrow (around Mountain Standard Time 9:30 pm, sunday). peace
  7. Good to hear that you guys like it, glad = me (Fl Studio and Creative Prodikeys DM!). But the big question... Is this reconstruction submit worthy? I like to get opinions before I email them about this.. If it needs more tuning up, let me know, your last opinions really got me motivated to work on it more. Kinda stuck between two projects now, this and a Tetris remix... peace
  8. Well after many revisions I hit this.. Tell me what you guys think. peace *new revision link below*
  9. Hey people, Just thought I drop by the OCR forums for the first time, as I have reconstructed a track. The original Track comes from the NES Game Metroid. The Melody of Kraid's Lair has always motioned me to do something with it, so finally I decided after 4 years of FL Studio practice, I'd give it a shot, and we end up with this motivating music track. Since I don't know how to play piano by key, only by sound, I had to play my NES several times, leaving Samus at the Lair of Kraid Entrance, just so I could get the track memorized enough to reproduce the notes. After reproducing the notes, I went off reconstructing them. So enough of my rambling, download the track and tell me what you think. oops forgot to introduce myself. Name is xanZion. peace edit: Final Revision - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=696282
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