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  1. Grime and bass, gentlemen. Darkness Rising
  2. Thanks for the feedback you guys! Progression is something I really need to work on
  3. Haha, thank you very much for the compliment! I was thinking about extending it and having it mash up with the Mods de Chocobo song also in FFVIII. The main chocobo medley is different from the source though, it's glitched to a slow triplet, but I suppose I could add greater variation. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hey all, I made this one for fun. Think it's good enough for OC Remix? Feedback appreciated! Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiacQDJCdLk&feature=related Remix: http://soundcloud.com/da2dbm/dub-de-chocobo
  5. One of my latest dub creations. Drop some feedback please! I'm also working on a Chrono Trigger Robo Dub in the WIP section for videogame mixes. Check it out! Rising Tide
  6. I think I'm stuck in which direction I want to progress this...grahh
  7. Update 1: Robo Trek 2/11/10 Feedback is always welcome! Don't go easy on me please.
  8. It sounds really nice, there's a progressive/jazzy swing to it. The sounds seem really lo-fi though. Anyway you could bring up the volumes a bit without saturation? Maybe some treble or reverb or just playing with EQ settings. Other than that, I like!
  9. It's really interesting, I like the synths especially. However, the tempo seems off for some reason.. Some notes tend to sound more fast than others and it doesn't quite seem to mix well with the drums. I would love to see this mix develop more. This is one of my fav soundtracks as well. Goodluck man!
  10. Update! I think this may work out. Need to definitely fix for a smoother transition and find a wobble that works well with the melody. Then start arrangement... Oh boy I'm excited
  11. I decided to scratch the earlier version and try a more progressive dub. My goal is to mesh it with an idm style hopefully. So far it is just Robo's Theme, I plan to have it morph into the bobonga dance theme you hear during 10,000 BC. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOWf_T0jdgQ Remix: Robo Trek 2/7/10 Update 1: Robo Trek 2/11/10
  12. I've messed with many of the suggestions you guys have offered. I feel that this version may be the last in terms of arrangement (I'll still tweak levels and mixer effects if need be). Thank you very much for following my remix progress. I think this may be ready to send for submission. Final?: Thorns and Lava 12/23
  13. Levels adjusted, minor fixes and add-ins...think I might be getting close. Might even redo the second half now that I think about it more. Update 5: Thorns and Lava 12/20.mp3
  14. yeah I have no clue what to do with that transition...I'll mess around with it a bit. The bass and drum levels have been fixed for the next version... don't know if i should go with the "underwater" effect that i used in a previous version or just keep a normal effect. Love the feedback! Thanks for listening! Any more feedback just let me know, I wanna make you guys happy haha
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