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  1. Hi.I'm just stopping by to say..Happy b-day!

  2. Hi guys, I'm a complete noob at FL, but when I try to import a midi song, it does so but when I click play I dont hear anything. Even if I open up one instrument in the piano roll and try to plain certain notes, I cannot hear anything. Any ideas as to why this may be ?
  3. Yes sir, I love playing with my band, music is something I'm completely passionate about, that is why I'm here. I know that by being the drummer doesn't excuse me for not understanding musical theory, the thing is, even when you study drums you don't (99% of the time) need to understand things such as melodies etc. It's mostly about precision, timing,speed and creativity IMO. Most drummers, when it comes to the song creation process don't know much about this. Anyway, thank you very much to all the posts, I pretty much got my question answered. Any good links would be appreciated but I'm gonna sit my ass now and work on this.
  4. Hi guys, a new member here. I'm a big fan of music and I've loved this site for a very long time now. Anyway, I began mixing some stuff in my early days with eJay sampling, then I gave my first shot at fruity loops but having no knowledge of music theory at that time, I quit. Then I started drumming with some metal bands which is still my passion till today. Anyway, I wanna continue creating some electric music, but I'm in pretty darn big dilemma, since as a drummer I have no knowledge about the part of music theory concerning melodies, chords etc. So should I give this a shot or am I a lost cause ? Also, if there are, feel free to post any links to guides, lessons etc. Thanks, Adam Love every note !!!