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  1. Hi.Welcome to OCR.Hope you enjoy your stay and post the remixes up.It'd be cool to hear them.Anyway,have fun and if you have questions or something,PM me or VM me.
  2. Hi.I'm just stopping by to say..Happy b-day!

  3. Hi.Random VM....Happy b-day!Lol.

  4. It doesn't matter about history lessons or not.What matters is that they did a terrible job in filming 300.When you are making a movie on something that really happened you aren't supposed to base it on imagination. With Eragon the movie was great based on the book.You can't expect everything you read in the book to be in the movie.If they were to have done that the movie would have been 4 to 5 hours long and would have been expensive to make.
  5. Love at First Bite was a good comedy.It was about Dracula getting kicked out of Romania by the government and he had to live in New York. If you're into dragon movies try the Dragon Heart series of movies.Perhaps you want a comedy about dragons though,George and the Dragon would be one to watch.And if you haven't saw the movie Eragon it too was good.
  6. The Robo Cop series were pretty good movies to be 80's and 90's movies.A Beautiful Mind was a good movie.It starred Russel Crow.He also starred in Gladiator and other good movies.Then you could always choose to watch The Patriot starring Mel Gibson or perhaps you don't like Mel Gibson all that much and want to watch The Last of the Mohicans.
  7. If you're into musicals then I would suggest watching Singin' In The Rain,Moulin Rouge,Sound of Music,Grease,Grease 2,Chicago,Rent,and The Wizard of Oz.Those were only a few selections of musicals.There are plenty more musicals I could name off that were good but I'd have to think of them for a moment.
  8. Noone mentioned 300 because it was a really really really bad remake.The fighting scenes sucked and wolves and rhinos don't look like giant monsters from some other planet.The people who did the remake did a horrible job.Watch the original.It actually stays with the facts.It's called 300 Spartans.
  9. Jumanji was a fun and adventurous movie.There was also Homeward Bound and Skip.I'm trying to think of other good movies...I know good romances too though if anyone is into those...You've Got Mail which was the remake of Around The Corner.Both movies were romance movies and were really good.I take Study of Film and I'm a director,actress,and music composer,so that's why I know so much about movies.
  10. The Rush Hour trilogy was good.Almost every movie starring Jackie Chan is funny.Another good movie starring Jackie Chan would have to be First Strike.There was also The Tuxedo starring Jackie Chan and Jennifer Lovehewet,but I'm pretty sure all of you have seen that one and Around The World in 80 Days which was a remake of the original Around the World in 80 Days.
  11. Phantom of the Opera was good.The remake anyway.I bought the original a few days ago and I thought it would be good but the murder scenes were terrible and the story line made hardly any sense.So I would say the 2003-2004 Phantom of the Opera.