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  1. I'm Japanese visitor. Thanks for including a Japanese translation in this term. Those Japanese texts are well good. Japanese reader will understand enough even it, and it will be completion if it revised the part of Martin said. However I notice some strange translations. Ongaku no Seisaku http://www.ocremix.org/info/Ongaku_no_Seisaku "Seisaku" (政策:Policy) is a political parlance as also said by Martin. And "Seisaku" has another same pronunciation Kanji "Seisaku" (制作:Create). It's likely to be confused. Though it is difficult to apply an appropriate term to the "Content Policy" of the word in Japanese, these word are maybe suitable "楽曲の規約" (Gakkyoku no Kiyaku: Rule of music) In formal write: "楽曲の提出、および二次使用に関する規約" (Gakkyoku no Teishutsu, oyobi Nijishiyou ni kansuru Kiyaku: Music submitting, and rule concerning the second use) or Just "コンテンツポリシー" (content policy in Japanese Katakana) might be OK. Mokuhyou http://www.ocremix.org/info/Mokuhyou "目的" is read as Mokuteki (Mokuhyou is 目標). Both meaning are almost same. You can choose one.
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