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  1. Thanks for the comments and complements. I actually really like the choice for the drum beat. It gives a nice offset to the rest of the very mellow track. I just happen to like the sound of mellow pads with an energetic beat. I'm gonna rework the beat a bit and make it less repetitive. However, as for filtering it throughout... I tried it once and I wasn't particularly impressed with the feel. I'll think about it with the recurring 6 note pattern. It's necessary, but I suppose it could be a little too repetitive as well. As for the flam snare, it might just need to be darkened... It stands ou
  2. Sorry about taking so long to work on this and reply, my grandfather passed away. Haven't had much inspiration for a few weeks. Anyway... a good bit of reworking, I didn't really cut anything yet. Needs some EQing, still sounds kinda muddy. (Edit: Woops. Flute is too loud in this iteration, will fix.) http://www.solatrus.com/mp3s/element_2.mp3 I've got a little bit that I think needs to be reworked and a part that probably should be cut.
  3. Noted. Already on some changes. I'm going to extend the melody so it doesn't loop, change up the chord progression during the flute part. Possibly redo the drum loop, but I'm not entirely sure how I want to do that, I honestly like how it sounds now. (Though, yeah, it's overly repetative... I'll get right on that.) Flute's attack is much slower now, and I'm doing more drastic velocity changes throughout it's melody. Are you guys suggesting I rewrite the melody entirely?
  4. I'm debating submitting this. What do you think? http://www.solatrus.com/mp3s/The%20Element.mp3 Also, I've already done some tweaks to it since then. The "crunchy" drums in the middle go through slow filtering now. All critiques are welcome. Updated version: http://www.solatrus.com/mp3s/element_2.mp3
  5. I'll agree with you about that, at least with the second melody. I like the way the first melody sounds with the beat (at least with the changes I've made..) There isn't enough going on with the second melody, and I've been fooling with a few different things to do. We'll see what happens. Edit: Yeah... I take back what I said on the first melody. Some faster counter melodies sound really good in there. Thanks for the tip.
  6. I'm always a fan of Jeremy Soule's works, and Rock Orchestras are always awesome sounding. I'll agree though, the guitar sound/synth doesn't sound as good as it could. Just improve that sound and you might have something!
  7. Title: Hero's Growth Songs: You Gained A Level!, The Eight Melodies, Welcome Home Game: EarthBound Link: http://www.solatrus.com/mp3s/earthbound.mp3 It's getting there. I'm debating between a few things to do with it, but let's hear some input. Edit: I just realized this was my first post with this name... I have registered at OC ReMix before, but I stopped posting and forgot my password... yeah. Update and to do list: Changed: First Beat Rhythm First Bass Rhythm (slight change) EQ on first melody synth To Do: More "substance" behind the melodies New Second Melody Bass? New Second Beat Better
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