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  1. ...ranging from the Blue Bomber to Rush to Roll and even Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, Bombman, Woodman...hey, there's so many I'd like to learn how to draw. Not really sure on anime, though...
  2. Myself, I'd look most like Elec Man, because I have an electric personality and sometimes people call me a live wire because I'm really lively. I'd also be like Megaman, the Great Blue Bomber because I love animals and yet I have the same dreams as he---one day the world will be calmed of all cybernetic crises. I have the quick decision-making skills and speed of Quick Man, and like him also impulsive and impatient. I also am a fast talker. I have the ingenuity and brightness of Bright Man, and talkative. I linger on ideas that are impossible, yet one day be achievable. I am strong of heart, like Guts Man. I have my way of being courageous like him. I have a special penny I bent in a magic trick and I call it my "Lucky Guts Man Penny" for it's in Guts I trust! I'm as stubborn and a cutthroat as ol' Cutman. I am still awaiting a haircut, myself. However, my tendencies to "cut-up" with my comedy make me sound even more like him. Care for a clip? (hahaha!) I love risk-taking and very daring, like Bomb Man. Yes I do wish I could bowl as well as he, but haven't in a while. I love him also because he's a great person to invite to any party that's a real blast! I'm also as deviant as Dr. Wily and will do anything to take control of anything that's everything. I have a free will, like ProtoMan and want so much to have that protected. Like Rush, I'm just good fun, if not a bit too curious. And Tango, she's really sweet. Her claws of fury are like my sharp-tongued anger on occasions. And that songbird, Beat; I'm most like him because I don't like the burdens of life on me. Like Dive Man, I have it deep. I have a very complex way of looking at life (includes all technical details). Yet I am deeply steadfast, like him. As it with Wood Man, I have a love for nature and want to see it protected---animals and their habitats for future generations to love. Yes, Woodman, I'm a tree hugger! His eyes reflect the knowledge within his great wisdom, as he was originally a great Cypress before, and that is why he can explain so much about his home. Ask him anything in your heart and he will deliver his wisdom, as quietly as the leaves of Japan's great woodlands. Like Heat Man, I have an atomic spirit and a hot temper, but yet just as comical as the Zippo Lighter he was born in. Like Wind Man and Air Man, I have been an airhead myself (I still am!). Nuff winded talk now on them... Alongside the personality traits of both Bass and Treble, I have been quite sinister in wanting to be the hero, yet seemingly triumphed by someone much wiser. To end on a positive note, most likely I would be like Keiji Inafune, for his creative mindset and his passion through the Megaman games, has he forevermore endured during the creation of the series. As saying it from a fan's point of view, his games always had some philosophy. Each of the Robot Masters that have a life lesson I can think up can teach us all something. Inafune would never have written the game series if he didn't feel there were any virtues inside.
  3. I'm looking for a talented composer who will try a Bright Man stage request. No challenge is too great (except for me). The theme I look for is that of Bright Man's Stage, and the genre could be eurotech (eurobeat/techno) or electronica. Try any genre you sense would be best. I'm never too good with music; visual arts are my thing...unfortunately. KitsuneMan ps: Link to original game song can be found at Galbadia's Hotel: http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/941/8
  4. Dear Injury, I have heard your song and it's perfectly describing how I'm feeling...over a lost friend, that I may no longer see. The fantasies I have been imagining, in the eyes of Mega Man, often bring me to tears when I play your song, The saxophones and the starstriking blend of piano and violin make this song truly worthy of the "Protoman Whistle" concerto from Mega Man 3. Although I long to own the game from a gamestore, I think that when I pick up an old game like "Megaman", I think of the virtue, the teachings, in life and society. Thanks so much for helping me (indirectly) to describe how I feel. I thought of asking you to email me, but it really depends on what the admins thoughts of that are. NS PS> I am starting to cry again just thinking on it. I wrote a poem describing my feelings. It's called "Friend of Time" and is a personally heralded poem. This should be read...could you email me @ phantomflashdance@hotmail.com? Acquaintance, fan and all-around Megaman Fan, Kitsune Man. (Dame Alterna, Nintanda, I have lists of nicknames I use).
  5. As in, "Mega Manniversary" is just an obvious pun of CAPCOM's to announce the birthday of the Blue Bomber, Megaman. Thus, it's not really obscene, just as I said, pun. Sorry if some were disgruntled or horrified by the comment. I will try to make things less vague next time...after all, I don't think or speak vaguely. I doubt I can even learn anything in the world in less complexity. That's my brain for you, and it's all compressed databanks NS
  6. Dear All, Mega Manniversary is December 17, 2007; please make sure you try to preorder the game before the end of this month. This anniversary, it's based on the Megaman Battle Network GBA series of games, and also allows you to plug in these carts from the first 6. CAPCOM has just released three versions of Rockman of the Shooting Star, Preorder these DS cards at your local game retailer or on CAPCOM's website: www.capcom.com/megaman. Thankx! KitsuneMan
  7. I just want to thank injury for the remix. This is by far the most electrifying remix I've heard! I think it would be awesome if the song was the end theme to a Mega Man series game! In Sincerety, Flashdance (AKA KitsuneMan)
  8. I really enjoyed listening to your Remix, Disco Dan. Oh, how incredulous technology is today...especially when you can match a great beat to a really popular tune! The club mix (what was it you used? A TR-808?) was a perfectly great match to Metalman's track! I downloaded (and saved!) this file and it has been working wonders when I want to get away from it all. It was well-suited to a club remastery, and I listened to it so often it rocks (or should I say, it Rockman and Rolled?!) You totallyRockman and Roll! Flashdance I wish he'd do another just as awestriking. PS> If only you could pull off the same great quality of music from your other favorite videogames...
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