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  1. I read through the forum rules; and I didn't find anything about double-posting. However, if I'm breaking any rules, I apologize deeply. That said, I was wondering, Ronald Poe, if any progress has been made?
  2. Sure! Give it a try! And I agree about that! If the feeling of "Into the Darkness," can be reversed, someone can do something similar for "Suspicion." Also, anyone else is welcome! I wish I had musical talent to do such a remix myself.
  3. I'm writing a story about Final Fantasy IV and Kain is one of the major characters. However, "Suspicion" is no longer fitting for him since it takes place 2 years after Zeromus's destruction. I've been trying to find a lot of songs that fit the idea of a redeemed warrior, with a bit of soberness and honor (especially a dragoon's honor). I think "Suspicion" can still be used, however, if remixed with the right tunes and instruments to create the feeling I described above. Think this is possible? I think so since the OCRemix FF4 Album's "Walk Into the Light" used "Into the Darkness," and yet had
  4. http://www.ocremix.org/game/seiken-densetsu-3-snes/remixes/ I click on any of these remixes, then click download, and I get this: What do I do?
  5. 'tis strange indeed. Oh well. Do you think you could do this one (with the Rutela as a base)? Edit: ... I hope I didn't scare any one away.
  6. I meant as her character. She becomes a nicer person to Link later in the game. I'll listen to it again and see if I can pick up on it. Edit: I'm having a hard time picking it up, maybe it's my ears. XD. It sounds very desert-like. Gerudo Desert. I think I caught a hint of it, but it's definitely got to be me that has the problem. Regardless, it IS a very good song. Edit 2: AH! I think this might help you Try and see if you or anyone can base a remix of Midna's Theme with the feel of Queen Rutela's.
  7. Hrm... I'm sorry, but that's not what I was looking for. I'm kinda looking for one that centers completely around Midna's theme. Sort of like a "Nicer" remix (IE. a remix that represents her as the nicer character she becomes later on) is what I'm looking for. But thanks for your response. I'm very grateful for it.
  8. Huh? I looked through the Twilight Princess Remixes and I didn't find one about Midna. Can you link it to me?
  9. While it's a great song, I'd love to hear a remix version of something cute or something redeeming about her character (if you've gotten past the Lakebed Temple and the scene with Zant, you know what I mean concerning Midna). Something like a sweeter version because she does become a nicer person during the game. I would really appreciate something like that. Thank you! Edit (also see below): I think this might help you Try and see if you or anyone can base a remix of Midna's Theme with the feel of Queen Rutela's.
  10. I hate double-posting, but I would really appreciate it if someone were to remix these songs together. I'm not sure of the genre of music it would fit because I'm not good with genres.
  11. I personally think there is no stupid request... but then again, I'm not a mixer.
  12. 'Tis true. Nice one too. It seems you need to be more specific... though maybe I shouldn't talk since I'm new.
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