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  1. Thanks very much for the feedback, Rozovian! There's no harm in giving it a try, even if it may be rejected — I'll go ahead.
  2. Thanks very much for clarifying! Now I'm clear on the whole medley thing; whatever theme interweaving I did was in the orchestration rather than the overall structure, so I suspect that's going to be a problem given the policy you explained since the track is structurally more or less linear. As for the compression, I knew which compression you were referring to, I guess my ears just didn't pick up on the squishing after I re-worked the mix. There's a lot of headroom left over in that area. Either way, it's not important because obviously I can drop the synth bass further in two seconds if that's a consensus issue for the judges. No rush with the rest of your appraisal; I really appreciate you taking the time!
  3. Well it may be half a mod review, but you get a full thank you! I'm not certain exactly what you mean with your first comment, only because — while it is a medley — the material is extensively adapted (even beyond the obvious retro -> orchestra transition), but if that falls outside of OCR's scope of interest then I completely understand. As for the synth bass, I actually brought it down in the revised mix and it's sounding okay on my system, but I guess it may not have been enough. If you like, I prefer to offer you the WAV or my own MP3 encoding so that you can hear it without the SoundCloud compression artifacts, as it's an entirely different experience. Thank you very much for your kind review and for the tips — let me know if you need me to send you a better encoding of the track for evaluation.
  4. After making a few adjustments, I'm setting this to Mod Review in the hopes of having it looked at and eventually included in the OCRemix catalogue — fingers crossed! For reference, as per the instructions, here's a link to the original music: http://jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/sword-sworcery-lp-the-ballad-of-the-space-babies The tracks being remixed are primarily the following (there are subtle references to others but they're not always noticeable): 1. Dark Flute 2. Lone Star 3. Doom Sock 8. Ballad of the Space Babies 10. Bones McCoy 19. Com64 (Bonus Track) 20. Mushrooms (Bonus Track)
  5. Hi all, Thank you very much for your kind and useful feedback! @DJ: You're right about the slight compression issues, and unfortunately for me, SoundCloud's encoding does me no favours in masking it (the WAV is noticeably cleaner). If I do another pass, I'll leave a bit more headroom and see if I can lose those moments of compression burning. Beyond the technical, the fact that the music made you feel something is the best compliment I could hope to receive, so I really appreciate you listening and saying so! @Nonamer: There is certainly a lot going on in the cue, that's for sure. Thematically, I had enough material to have it be double the length, but I was considering that even at 6 minutes it's stretching the attention span of many potential listeners, so the fact that it covers that ground at a fairly brisk pace was intentional — the notion being that people will be continually 'surprised' by the directions it goes in, and delighted to stay and listen to the end. There may have been a smarter compromise between the two extremes though, I've no doubt. I really appreciate the feedback either way. As for how I did this in Logic, it was pretty straight-forward: lots and lots of sample libraries and a ton of RAM! We'd be here all day if I started listing everything, but the usual suspects make an appearance: EWQLSO, ProjectSAM, CineSamples, 8dio, VSL, etc. for orchestral stuff and Diva, Omnisphere, and Massive for the electronics. Happy to answer more specifically if you need. @Jordan: Glad you enjoyed! I'm not sure I follow with what part of the beginning is sounding muddy to you (because I'm quite happy with the sound of the opening), but it may be my ears playing tricks so feel free to point out what area is giving you issues! Thanks again for all your thoughts, everyone!
  6. Hi everyone, It's been some time since I've been around here, but I'm always keeping my ears peeled for excellent new remixes from the site. I recently had the pleasure of arranging some cues from the soundtrack to a little game called Sword & Sworcery by my friends at Superbrothers and Capybara Games. They held an 'AV Jam', calling for fan art, and this was my submission. Do yourselves a favour and check out some of the extraordinary entries that showed up: http://sworcery.tumblr.com/ The original soundtrack was written by the very talented Jim Guthrie, and my arrangement is intended to show the material off in a different light, perhaps revealing some aspects of it that weren't immediately obvious in their original form. I'd love to share the finished product with you, and I look forward to your thoughts and feedback: http://soundcloud.com/mathazzar/maybe-a-time-of-miracles
  7. Thank you very much, Vidilian! I appreciate your vote of confidence. This track wasn't necessarily intended for submission here so much as just a little exercise for personal fulfillment, but if I ever do some more work with the Golden Sun series I'll make it more of an arrangement than a tribute piece and then toss it to the judges. Thanks again for leaving your thoughts!
  8. Hi everyone! I've been gone too long and I'm still working on catching up with listening to all the fantastic new mixes that have popped up, but in the spirit of contribution I wanted to share my latest track with you as well. I'm a huge fan of the Golden Sun series, so in honour of the new DS sequel I decided to put together a quick little arrangement of my two favourite themes from the original games (the main theme and Venus Lighthouse). I'm not submitting this to the judges because I'm fairly certain it would be rejected — it's really not so much a remix as a faithful tribute, so I didn't take many liberties with the original material. Nevertheless, I wanted to share it with the world's best community of game music appreciators, so have a look if you like and feel free to leave me your thoughts: Golden Sun Rising Thank you and enjoy!
  9. Hello! I've been away from the forums for a bit (actually a really long time) but browsing through I came across this and absolutely loved it. Near the beginning there were some phrases that I felt were a bit messy, but I'm a pianist so I'm picky about that kind of thing. The arrangement itself is beautiful though, and I love how delicately and tastefully you treated the source material. This is one of the more musically sensitive mixes I've heard on here, so you should definitely feel proud of it. Thank you for sharing and best of luck if you submit!
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