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  1. One of my favorites on the album for sure. Great jazzy/hip-hop vibe that would be at home in a not-so-serious anime spinoff of our beloved franchise. The lyrics brilliantly straddle the line between witty and immature. Love it!
  2. I'm not usually a fan of medleys, but this one gets a pass due to its amazing execution and interweaving of decades of themes that never sounds forced. I'm especially glad that Sam preserved the call-and-answer component of the original overworld theme, as that usually gets dropped in arrangements of the theme.
  3. I just listened to a somewhat delicious remix.
  4. I'd also like to acknowledge the role of critical feedback in the writing of this arrangement. I think it was Theophany that encouraged me to do a substantive rewrite of an earlier version (into which I had already poured several hours of work). But the previous version was confused, with too many ideas vying for the listener's attention. In restarting from scratch after playing around with the themes a bit, I had a much clearer vision for the arrangement, and what emerged was by far a superior product. In other words, don't succumb to the sunk-cost fallacy -- sometimes it's best to start over from a clean slate.
  5. I'm pretty sure I heard this when it was an early-stage WIP a few years back. It made an impression then, and the final version is even better than I'd hoped. Whimsical, fun, light, and with beautiful jazz harmonies to boot. Awesome!
  6. Wow, 2011... has it really been that long since we heard a new remix from Mustin? Love the chill vibe of this mix. I can also relate to the personal story; I have my own vivid memory of playing FF4 into the wee hours of the morning at a friend's house, hunting for where to drop the Key of Magma. It was just that kind of game -- a real high point for the series, in no small part because of fantastic musical themes like this.
  7. Thanks to all for the feedback on our mix! I'm glad we were able to share with you all.
  8. Thanks for the glowing review, DJP... and I still love listening to your old bluegrass-caricature remix of the Bubble Bobble theme. I feel like pointing out that, although this is my 5th posted remix, it was the first one I ever submitted to OCR. In other words, my apologies to all if the production is a little rough!
  9. docnano

    OCR03306 - Metroid "Footprints on Zebes"

    Awesome. That is how you orchestrate the Metroid title theme.
  10. This is a straight-up cover, not intended for submission or anything. Just for fun. And DAMN, what a fun track this is -- certainly a contender for my favorite FF battle theme. It's pretty close to how I always imagined that the original SNES version sounded. Any feedback on orchestration/mixing is appreciated. Otherwise, enjoy.
  11. I've had it in my head to do a smooth jazz arrangement of Tifa's Theme for a while... now that this exists, I don't have to. Gorgeous, gorgeous treatment of the source, with some tasteful development and improvisation. Great work, folks -- definitely adding it to my FF7 playlist.
  12. Tons of character, and the choice of instruments/style is perfect for the spirit of the source. The change of time signature halfway through was a nice surprise. Love it!
  13. docnano

    Super Mario Land - Level 1 BGM (Finished)

    It's sounding great to me, though I have no experience with chiptunes. Any plans to develop it further?
  14. I feel compelled to remind everyone that I did not arrange the Duck Tales mix -- evory did, and I just performed it with very minor modifications. Credit goes to him for that arrangement!
  15. Wow, this makes me very happy. Such a creative idea and brilliantly executed. The unique voices really make this one shine. Someone needs to make an animated short for this.