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  1. i would be interested in helping provide (female) vocals for you if you are still interested in getting them. I know it has been a while since you posted this... ; I am (clearly) not a frequent forum-goer here but I have it set to alert me via email when I have PMs, so please PM me if this is still something you need/are hoping to get.
  2. So I know my comment isn't going to be original, but I do feel the need to add it. This remix is the kind of thing I wish I could do: really great musical backgrounds with emotive singing. However, the Japanese really, really ruined it for me. Yeah, I said it wasn't original, didn't I? Whoever said the pronunciation didn't bother them surprises me; it was driving me nuts the whole time; I even went to fetch headphones to make sure it wasn't my terrible speakers doing something. It wasn't. =( The translation, also, does leave something to be desired. My Japanese isn't nearly perfect, but
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