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  1. anyone know of a way that you can make the piano roll keys with stereo sound? for example the high keys fade to the right and the low keys fade to the left. I want to do this with a piano soundfont.
  2. nothing major yet, though I still am at work with this one. Im actually working on it at the moment. Im sort of stuck with the fast solo parts... not really stuck its just really slow progress. the problem is I can play decently fast solos but I have never made one bofore. another thing thats making it difficult is I cant do pinched harmonics with my synth. I have some cool ideas in my head but I cant get them out. I do have a solo thats almost done that sounds pretty cool though. I'll post an update soon!
  3. is there a visual equalizer thats built in to FL studio 7? what I meen by visual equaliser is and equalizer that I can see how much sound comes out of each frequency when I play my track. because when I put my song on winamp I can see that its really missing the high frequencies.
  4. anyone have any experience with pro tools guitar box distortion software? it sounds promising. I dont own a copy of amplitube 2 because Im borrowing it from a friend, but wich is better?
  5. I installed amplitube 2 and guitar rig 2 on my computer yeterday after I formatted. for some reason they are both really delayed. especually amplitube. all my soundcard drivers are updated. also another thing I noticed is that before when I would strum my guitar you wouldnt hear any sound unless amplitube or guitar rig was running. now I hear my guitar at all times. why is it doing this?
  6. I like it! but I think the hits are over used in the beginning of the song and are somewhat distracting... but one thing I really like about this mix is that it has the classic feel of the songs. something you dont find in too many remixes these days. keep it up!
  7. yeah I dont have a bass guitar yet. I want to wait til' Im done with the song because it slows down the cpu a lot. well I have been having a lot of hardware and driver issues so I had to reformat twice within the last 3 or 4 days. I have been having conflics with the old and new hardware. I think its time for a new PC. well thats a few hours of work gone. luckily I have a backup. so the next time I post an uptade it will probably sound a little different. though im guessing the next time I will have an update, the song will be complete on synths. it may not be for a while though because I need to start saving up for a new PC.
  8. well finnaly an update! I got addictive drums witch is an amazingly great sounding program. I tried using the cheep samples built into flstudio but they just suck and I cant use them. anyways the piano intro is still the same tune with a little ajustments with a parometric EQ. the song is still not finnished. Im sort of stuck at the heavy sounding part but Ill figure it out... enjoy! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/pifw/sky-sanctuary-rock-remix-02
  9. nah I didnt have anything set up backwards. I figured out my sound card, strangly enough does'nt support 5.1 through fiber optical. witch I think is retarded. so Im going to return that fiber optical cable and get 3 1/8 stereo to RCA. that should work...
  10. everytime I load amplitube 2 into fl studio and try to use it, it crashes the program. why does it do this. can flstudio not handle amplitube 2?
  11. Im pretty damn sure. what did you connect in reverse?
  12. If this is the wrong area to ask this question then sorry. I dont know where else to ask this. I cant find the answer to this anywhere and maybe some of you guys can help. ok, so Im trying to get 5.1 surround sound on my computer. I dont have regular computer speakers. I have it hooked up to a reciever. my soundcard is the sound blaster X-Fi elite pro. it came with a front pannel console thingie. I connected a fiber optical cable from the fiber optical output on my console to the fiber optical input on the reciever. when I click on the sound for the rear L and R speakers the sound comes out from the front L and R front speakers. when I click on the sub the sound comes out of center speaker. the front L, R, and center speaker work fine. and yes the computer is set up for a 5.1 system right now. so why isnt it working?
  13. thanks for the liks! Ill check into those...
  14. never played the game... never heard the song until after I've heard this mix... but this is one of the best songs Ive heard on ocremix... this one of the best songs I've heard period.
  15. Im looking for a guitar synth that I can do different things with. like vibratos, slides, pinched harmonics, finger tapping, ect. I just want something to help me write solo parts. it doesnt need to sound realistic.
  16. I know the soundtrack is already out but I want the score (orchestra). anyone have any info on its release date?
  17. thanks for the kind words guys! Im really going to try and get this mix finished. now I just hope I dont screw it up! haha. Im going to put a lot of thought and time into this one so it comes out right.
  18. thanks guys! yeah this is only the beginning. I plan on having it about 4min. it doesnt sound very full because I didnt add any bass or drums yet. I plan on buying addictive drums this week because right now my drum samples sound like crap. my friend let me borrow amplitube 2 from him and the distortions sound much better than guitar rig 2. but I cant figure out how to load it into fl studio. so as for now Im just using presets from guitar rig. thanks agian, Greg
  19. Rock remix of Sky Sanctuary zone from Sonic & Knuckles well I am completely restarting sky sanctuary rock (it will probably be renamed in the future). well I realized that I had to start the entire thing over. before it was not a remix, it was just a cover, so I realised I couldnt just change things around. I had to start over. I decided to make a more suttle intro with a piano. I personally am very pleased with the way its beginning to sound. remember this ia a very early version. I started only an hour ago. its all done on synths so the guitars do sound like crap. I know. and I know that the way it fades from piano to guitar sounds like crap. I will complete the song on synths and then play it on my guitar for the final stages. click stream if you dont want to download the song (1) http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/asza/sky-sanctuary-rock-intro-piano ...origional post... (2) http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/pifw/sky-sanctuary-rock-remix-02 ... background drums and extended version... (3)http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/okwo/sky-sanctuary-rock-TEST1 ... bass guitar, secondary lead guitar, properly monitored, and more extended (4) final version. My new user name is LITHE thanks, Greg
  20. I want to spend around 20,000. haha yeah right! yeah that program is seriously good enough. thanks for the link!
  21. ah thats why it didint sound good. I didnt have the proper settings so it gave a crackling sound. also my soundcard came with amplitube LE, not 2...
  22. I want to make an orchestra remix but I cant find any good soundfonts. I would eather like to know a page that I can get some nice orchestra soundfonts, or I would like a program that has some nice orchestral sounds. I am new to making orchestra music and I just recently gained intrest. so I would appreciate it if someone can lead me in the right direction...
  23. you can never go wrong with guitar rig 2! a little costly but its worth it! thats probably why amplitude sounds like a free program to me...
  24. it sounds great man! I think it needs some adjustments with a parametric equalizer though. but for sure you headed in the right direction.
  25. it took me forever to find out these tabs but I finnaly got them! actually I had to make them myself. using audacity, I first split the stereo track and made them both mono. then I inverted one of the tracks (the old vocal removal technique) and it happend to highlight the background notes. now this part pretty much never repeats so I spent hours figuring out the notes one by one. its not a remix yet but I will make one out of it. tell me what you guys think! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/ceef/sonic-3-credits-1
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