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  1. yeah, it is ironic isnt it lol! but its true. Ive been playing the guitar before I even got into mixing. I do plan on changing my name when I get a mix out, since it was just came up with it on the spot. I have been playing for probably 5 years now and I still have no talent for it. sad, I know. scales? yeah I learned them. lessons? yeah I took them. I enjoy composing much more than trying to trick myself that I have talent in something that I dont. I did buy only the clean version so its about 30 gigs gone. maybe once guitar center sells talent, I'll go pick some up
  2. ok, I got it. I still think that the "super performance multi" should be placed in a more visable area. well whatever, I got it working. still figuring stuff out but so far it sounds great! if I have any other questions about the software Ill be asking them on this thread. Thanks
  3. okay, so Im new to kontakt 3, and I just got prominy lpc (clean) in the mail today. Im having trouble loading it into kontakt 3. I can upload some wav samples from it but I cant upload the entire sample library. in other words I cant uplaod this... http://www.prominy.com/image/LPC_SP_monitor.jpg Im trying to upload it through the browser. what am I doing wrong?
  4. the best sounding "all in one" rock synth I know of is ministry of rock by quantum leap. by "all in one" I meen guitars, bass, and drums included. drums alone, I'd go with addictive drums. guitar alone, from what Ive heard, prominy lpc. Im actually ordering the clean version right now, for kontakt 2 (thanks agian for the help on that everyone!).
  5. well I finnaly have enough money saved up off to the side to get prominy lpc. but now I figured out, I have to get more software to get that software to work! oh god where does it end! so my question is, should I get it for kontakt2/3, or should I get it for gigastudio3? remember that Im really used to fl studio. so I would prefer to have it somehow connect into flstudio if there is a way. gigastudio3 sounds way more promising. but kontakt is made by native instruments. and I know that most of their software works in fl studio.
  6. I was actually planning on getting the clean version since I already have guitar rig 2. Im guessing it has everything that the distorted version has, just without a distortion software built in right?
  7. holy crap! I watched the video and that is simply incredible. I think I'll pick it up this weekend. thanks!
  8. I know I pretty much asked the same question a few months back but this time I'm gonna go into more detail, because right now I am very serious about buying one. I need a guitar synth software that is very realistic sounding. especially with sweeps and finger tapping. It also has to work in fl studio 7. I want something very manual. something that I can adjust the amount of palm muting, strength of the picking, speed and timing of a vibrato ect... this is not essential, but I would also like it to synthesize bass guitars ministry of rock sounds very promising but I dint know if I'm spending e
  9. oh sorry, I didnt explain it well... what I meant was changing the speed of an audio file without changing its pitch... Im really new to cubase so Im still trying to figure a lot out.
  10. how do I change the tempo of an audio file in cubase sx3
  11. yeah I plan on recording it all with my guitar. I really have to work on my timing. I gonna try and complete everything myself, but Im not the best guitarist. so I may need help after I get everthing coordinated out. we'll see what happens...
  12. those are some really helpful ideas that I will have to try! thanks man! its hard trying to figure this all out on my own since I am still relatively new to all this. if you, or anyone else has any more insight on this mix I would be glad to hear it! feel free to send me a message or submit a reply...
  13. I am so glad to say that I finnaly have an update! damn its been a while since I actually had an update that was worth posting! its still not complete though. I want it to be at least 3 1/2 min. its hard for me to complete this because I have never got into a song/remix this complicated before. Im pretty sure that this is sounds as good as it gets with synths. I had an entire new setup on my PC and it can handle way more cpu and twice the amount of ram. that let me run it though more eqaulizers, and an addition of a backing lead guitar! well here it is! Enjoy! comments are always greatly a
  14. I wasnt able to remix or make any music at all for over a month. my old computers motherboard faild and I was stuck without a computer. what hell that was! well I got an entire new setup and Im back on my feet! and Im a little happy that happend because my new setup handles fl studio way better than the old one! no more crackling from an overloaded cpu! I also finnaly have some good monitoring headphones. they're the audio-technicas ATH-M50's and I love them! now I have to save up for a midi keyboard, monitors, and dual 24" widescreen displays. also Im working on sky sanctuary rock agian an
  15. okay, well now I know I cant make monitors. so witch ones would you guys reccomend? I dont want to spend any more than $500. I would like to spend around $350 but I dont want to buy junk...
  16. I plan on building my own pair of monitors. my brother has a really good book on everything you need to know about building your own speakers. but the book is made for home theater use... it teaches you about the proper acoustics and even how to make crossovers. is there anything I should keep in mind when building my own monitors? or is the project is even worth it?
  17. I use bose TriPort headphones. do any of you guys have any opinions on those? I always used crap headphones so when I got those they sounded amazing! very clean sounding with just the right amount of bass. but the main reason I got them was because they dont touch your ear. they rest around them so you can wear them all day without them bugging you. after a while I actually forget they're there!
  18. thanks everyone! that is exactly what I was looking for. I was actually planning on spending around $300. Im glad I dont have to spend more! Im really interested in the Edirol PCR800 that snappleman recomended, and the CME UF8 that dannthr recomemded. Im going to look into both of those... thanks agian!
  19. Im looking for a midi keyboard that just gets the job done. something that will just hook up to flstudio and has sensitivity on the keys. I dont care to get any great synthesizers. just something that can help coordinate the music. is there anything I should be looking for in particular? or should I just pick up any keyboard from a music store? I would also rather have something that just simply has keys and no cheep built in speakers that just waste space and make it bulky...
  20. Im an Fl studio user and no matter how hard I try I cant get high frequencies in my song. when I finnish my song and load it into winamp I never see the higher frequency bars move. I even try to use the parometric equalizer and strengthen the higher frequencies but it doesnt work. why does this happen?
  21. its not just about how loud it is though it does need to be louder. something about it doesnt have much power. just a personal opinion but its too soft for my taste. its hard to explain... I really like the sonic 3 water zone though...
  22. even though I really want to get this mix finnished Im really going to have to take a break from it. I just keep trying to continue it, but nothing is sounding right. some of it sounds cool but it just doesnt go with the track. Im not feeling that insperational spark that I did when I started the track. Im sure if I take a break from it for a while everything will fall together... it usually does in situations like this...
  23. yeah like you said these songs arent really remixes. but I really enjoyed it because it gave the origional feel of the song. if you can get it to have more of a "full sound" it would sound awsome!
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