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  1. when I bought my sound card it came with amplitude. Im not sure if its free though... sounds like its free...
  2. Im looking at 2 different headphones and Im wondering witch ones would you guys recomend. denon... http://usa.denon.com/ProductDetails/3462.asp or, bose http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_PRODUCT_PAGE_EVENT&product=triport_ae_headphones_index the reason I am looking at these two is because I work at fry's electronics and I can get a good discount on them. they are the best around ear headphones they have. I know bose is usually overpriced for the quality of the product but the demo they have for these sound great. feel free to lead me to other headphones but I dont want to spend more than $150.
  3. man I've searched so hard! I dont think the exist!
  4. sorry I just dont know where to ask this... thanks though
  5. anyone know of a program that can slow down an audio file without changing the pitch? I need it to get tabs for songs that I cant find.
  6. I know I just asked for the metroplolis tab but I like to work on a few prject at once so once I get bored of one I can switch to another. anyways I cant find the tabs for sonic 3's credits anywhere! even just a simple tab sheet. it doesnt have to be a guitar pro tab or a power tab, even though I'd rather have one of those tabs... anyone know where I can get it?
  7. thanks man! I was hoping for eather guitar pro tab or a power tab... next time Ill go on the requests forum... ><(((O>
  8. I cant find good tabs to metropolis from sonic 2 anywhere! I tried so hard to figure them out but I cant! anyone know the right tabs or where I can get them? I just cant figure out the chords to that main verse.
  9. the beginning is really catchy! I really want to hear more!
  10. yeah I was planning on putting in a solo. its kind of hard to make one with the origional feel of the song. I really want to change the drums though. they feel so boring. I knew you guys wouldnt like the part that it repeats at the halfway point. right now its sort of a cheated way to extend the song. I'll post another version when I have some decent sounding percussion. I would do a live preformance with my friend who is an amazing drummer. the only problem is that I dont have a good quality mic. maybe in the final version everything will be played live.
  11. one of my favorite songs in the sonic series is sky sanctuary. I never found a rock version of this song so I decided to make one! at least for now, all of the guitars are made from a very good soundfont + guitar rig 2. I might re-do all of the giutars with my real guitar but I think they sound pretty good already. one thing Im not too sure about is the drums. all but the snare drum uses fl studio defalts sounds. right now the drums have the origional beat. Im thinking of changing the beat around so the song has a bit more of a catchy feel to it. what do you guys think of it so far? http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/ppgr/sky-sanctuary-rock-edit1
  12. I want to share one of my remixes but I cant find a decent page for hosting mp3's. can someone give me a link to a good page that I cant host mp3's? I want some input before I submit my remix.
  13. how much is it? can you give me a link to a page that sells it? because obviously if you type it in on google product search you will see stuff like energizer come up.
  14. I also have some interest is orchestral music. anyone know of a good orchestra percussion kit?
  15. mainly rock music. basically I have a very similar style to SnappleMan and BrainCells on project chaos.
  16. Does anyone know where I can get a good quality drum kit? I'm an FL Studio user and the drums thats come with it arent that great. especiually the snare drums. thanks!
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