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  1. I played some games with Silent Mike and a couple others last night. It was cool, but I definitely could’ve done without my SD at the end. Anyway, the games were much smoother than the "With Anyone" games I’ve played, so I’ve gone ahead and added most of the OCR Database. If your name’s been on the list for a while, or if I’ve seen you post in this thread recently, there’s a good chance I’ve added you. I have a list of about 25 people I haven’t added yet, but I’ll try to add some names next week by deleting whoever hasn’t registered. If anyone’s curious, I consider myself okay, but I’m not an amazing player or anything. I’m not picky about rules.
  2. I'd also like to join the tournament.
  3. Added my friend code. I discovered something cool recently, googled it, and found out that somebody had already documented it. Lucas can do a super jump if you use a PK Fire immediately after double jumping. Kinda nifty...
  4. 2/5 is a lot to you? Good games, at any rate. I just think it's cool that I've played Tetris Attack with an artist from my playlist. Bound Together FTW. I hadn't played much against other people until I got online, and I'm starting to realize that a single huge chain's block will probably be sent right back. I think multiple four chain blocks break up the stack a bit better. The game's great, but it's too bad that dealing with the bigger blocks isn't harder...
  5. Dhsu, did you play someone in PPL with a name like ":-x:-x:-x!" ?