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  1. I looked at the Japanese site and what do you know, they're holdin' out on us Americans. There's another Kirby song, but it's on his Final Smash sheet. Does that mean that some songs are gonna be exclusive to a certain region? If someone's already said this than it's my fault for not paying attention.
  2. I forgot about the custom stages. Yea, that'd be cool to use them but Nintendo tends to a big douche bag when it comes to online. Such as Pokemon Battle Revolution, so what if I tought my Weedle explosion and fly, I deserve to get to use it. But anyway, the custom stages look to me to be a bit lacking unless that was a sample of what it's capable of.
  3. lol, I got bored and looked at old updates...so yea, more clouds
  4. Yea, it'd be just like what they do to Bowser, Mario Kart he's tiny, Super Maro 64 he's huge EDIT: To avoid a double post.... http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh291/jetblack97/pic.jpg Does anyone see Bowser in the small box and Robotnik in the big one? I had to look at Robotnik from far away to see him.
  5. I didn't say NiGHTS was manly, I said he looked interesting to play as. You're logic's funny because you try to act smart but yet you can't read. If you wan't to talk about manly, only one word.... Birdo.
  6. Custom Graphs ehh? Good enough! No seriously, (almost) ONE MORE MONTH BEFORE BRAWL COMES OUT!!! I just thought about Brawl and I got hyper. But anyway, if Mega Man is in Brawl, I won't use him, IMO he's a queer. If they are or shall I say did include any more 3rd parties, it should be NiGHTS, seen the game at Blockbuster today and s/he looked like s/he'd be an interesting character. Or Leon or Ada from RE4 since, you know it did make the Gamecube a lil more famous I guess. Or the dude from Geist.... he'd be better as an AT.
  7. I second the Skytown remix, loved it since I first listened to it
  8. I thought the same thing when I first listened to it too
  9. Guitar Hero was on Wii so I dunno Pandora or Lou could possibly be an American character... Tira or Ivy from Soul Calibur could be a character too. RealFolkBlues... your sig is made of awesome just because it's the first Bebop one I've sen with Jet in it. EDIT: Nevermind about SC, I just remembered that it's Japan made, still they'd be cool
  10. Maybe he just thought "Fuck it, everyone wants to bitch about the lame updates, so I'm gonna stop it as punishment" doubt it, but it's possible, if Sakurai is a douche that is. EDIT: Nevermind, Drack set it all straight
  11. I just noticed that, DAMMIT!!! The happiness that Dragoon brought me has been crushed:cry:. It's either a break or they are making last minute tweaks and don't want to update something that might be updated:P Ma..maybe it's Captain Falcon!!!
  12. That's plan B EDIT: Thought I'd edit instead of double post but HOLY CRAP, THE ITEM IS AWESOME AS HELL!!!!! I have fond memories of Dragoon and Hydra so this means alot to me...
  13. If they put Olimar in he'll either be a really unique and cheap character or a rip off of the Ice Climbers with the other dude forgot his name. If they were to include any thing from Pikmin, they should make the Pikmin items that you can throw around and make them pick up your enemy and carry them or throw them off the edge. And speaking of items, Pokeball = Shiny pokemon every once in a great while
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