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  1. Haha..I'm a little behind checking the forum. Glad it's released!
  2. So when's the release date? Was I supposed to be part of the interview? Just curious, didn't see an email about it. Looking forward to it.
  3. Will the IRC channel go away? Or will we have both methods of communication?
  4. Any style/genre restrictions, other than it sounding Christmasy?
  5. Part of Kylo Ren's quality, I've noticed. He spoke differently with and without his mask. His tone was very strong, slow speaking, and commanding while with the helmet. But once he took it off, he spoke faster as if he was a different person. I didn't quite like it as it seemed like an oversight. But it's likely that he was hiding behind his mask, conflicting with who he really is versus who he wants to be. I'm not surprised if the later episodes will pull a Darth Vader where Kylo Ren will redeem himself.
  6. Sounds good. I don't hear many fade-outs in today's electronic music. Real guitars or plugin?
  7. Hi guys, it's been a month since my last update. Any comments on this piece before I finalize it? I appreciate it.
  8. Sephiroth's Violin is very well done. Sounds like he used samples from the original track. I'm curious if the violins were recorded or from a plugin.
  9. Hah, you ask people what DAW to use and you'll get all different answers. But seriously, Logic Pro.
  10. I'm unsure what the licensing is like, but plenty of game cover bands make money selling CDs or by playing concerts. Ask anyone who is part of MAGFest.
  11. It's really a combination of using midi files, searching for sheet music, or go by ear. Some of the more complicated ones I'd use midi files. I'd look at the midi file to at least see what is going on with the music, but it doesn't mean I need to use them, for example if I need to record it via guitar. If you're using a DAW, there might be a built-in transpose function, or just drag all the notes to the key you want.
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