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  1. Before, I was more leniant towards the PSP, but after a while, I grew to like the DS more after I got a modchip. The PSP can no longer play homebrew games after being updated past 2.00+, i believe, as for the DS, it always has that function. Some of the homebrews can outdo the PSP, no less. For example, someone converted RPG Maker XP into DS format, and I've seen it played. I think the DS should get more credit that what it's been given.
  2. alright, I guess I'll go track by track and see where it goes from there
  3. that's the thing, though. I wasn't really too happy with Hedgehog Heaven, no offense to those who made it. I just wanted to make my own version, which there's nothing wrong with that.
  4. I'm quite interested in getting a team together that can remix Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis. After hearing Project: CHAOS, I wanted to get some guys/girls together that knew their stuff and make a hit remix album. I'm quite talented in composing remixes, and playing keyboard parts to tracks. I've already learned most of the original songs, and if anyone is interested in getting together to remix S2, just let me know, okay?
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