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  1. It starts out minimalistic, mere percussion and a bass-line setting a moving, engaging beat, Then, after a long time (this track is in no rush), a single brass voice like a trumpet or something, plays a slower, almost tempo-subdued melody overtop of the moving baseline, and when it starts to feel like it's building up to something, the trumpet drops out and it goes back to just the baseline and percussion setting up another loop. The second time it gets to this buildup is another story, as it builds up to one of the best surprises in video-game music history, a full-blasting funktacular, fast
  2. Okay, before you dis this comment for being irrelevant, I must point out that a Title is a big part of a piece of music, it forms the music's identity before the music is even heard! "Fortuna Favors the Funk" is an amazing accomplishment of titling. For those who feel that despite my argument this comment is still obnoxiously irrelevant, I listened to the music and as far as I can tell, it's a good example of funk!
  3. Super Double Dragon (US version); Stage 2 In the Japanese version, I believe this was intended to be the musical track for one of the last levels. I think it should get the remix treatment! It's a very rousing piece!
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