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  1. I tried my hand at Psytrance once. It was more of a fusion of Experimental w/ Psytrance though. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=983625&t=6193 (no download necessary) Note that it's fairly old and incomplete.
  2. UPDATE: I found the orange layout archives. http://web.archive.org/web/20000815084019/http://remix.overclocked.org/
  3. http://web.archive.org/web/20030801070739/www.ocremix.org/index.php Those were the days, huh? (Even though I didn't even go here at that point. I began to come to OCRemix in early 2005) Discuss.
  4. Yeah, I heard it a while back; it's very professional. I was working on one a little different in genre, though.
  5. I prefer ITG to DDR... perhaps it's the harder difficulty level? I love a challenge. But as far as ITG goes, the music IMO is, for the most part, better (aside from Reven-G and DM Ashura works) ITG/ITG2 favs: 1.) Energizer 2.) Monolith 3.) ! 4.) Tension 5.) Tribal Style
  6. Listened to "The 6th House". The intro is very good; nice rough saw progression. But when the primary synth string comes in, it's extremely bland... The attack is poor... could be EQ'd a bit more. Try using Fruity Reeverb and/or Fruity Parametric EQ (to get rid of the muddiness). After a while, the intro sounds get a little old and repetitive, but this is after all, psychadelic trance. Interesting vocoder robot voice. The crashes after that get a little annoying. But I like the pad playing in the background. Oh wait, there's that synth string again... it sounds like an old Final Fantasy game
  7. When I heard that drumloop, I cringed. I hear that all the time. But as jmr said, the arrangement was good; the guitar solo though, I didn't like so much. Maybe a little variation here and there? Nice attempt, but if you plan on submitting this I recommend a total reconstruction.
  8. OK, first, hello everybody. 2nd, the ReMix. Titled "Arcanus Inverno". This mix is based off of DKC's Northern Hemispheres. It is a Drill n Bass / Industrial ReMix of the song. Normally, I would do trance, but I'm burnt out on producing trance as of now, so I tried my luck w/ DnB. The Industrial elements were thrown in so I could fit the "mood" I wanted in the song. I also understand it is rather short. This is because I wanted the momentum of the song to not decrease at all, and for the song to end very high-energy. Also note that this is a really big stretch from the original "Northern Hem
  9. I started a Forest Temple remix project a while back, but I'll never finish it. XD
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