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  1. I tried my hand at Psytrance once. It was more of a fusion of Experimental w/ Psytrance though. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=983625&t=6193 (no download necessary) Note that it's fairly old and incomplete.
  2. UPDATE: I found the orange layout archives. http://web.archive.org/web/20000815084019/http://remix.overclocked.org/
  3. http://web.archive.org/web/20030801070739/www.ocremix.org/index.php Those were the days, huh? (Even though I didn't even go here at that point. I began to come to OCRemix in early 2005) Discuss.
  4. Yeah, I heard it a while back; it's very professional. I was working on one a little different in genre, though.
  5. I prefer ITG to DDR... perhaps it's the harder difficulty level? I love a challenge. But as far as ITG goes, the music IMO is, for the most part, better (aside from Reven-G and DM Ashura works) ITG/ITG2 favs: 1.) Energizer 2.) Monolith 3.) ! 4.) Tension 5.) Tribal Style
  6. Listened to "The 6th House". The intro is very good; nice rough saw progression. But when the primary synth string comes in, it's extremely bland... The attack is poor... could be EQ'd a bit more. Try using Fruity Reeverb and/or Fruity Parametric EQ (to get rid of the muddiness). After a while, the intro sounds get a little old and repetitive, but this is after all, psychadelic trance. Interesting vocoder robot voice. The crashes after that get a little annoying. But I like the pad playing in the background. Oh wait, there's that synth string again... it sounds like an old Final Fantasy game. Maybe that was what you aimed for? If so, that would work perfectly. Those chords help that statement as well. The moog synth in the background is really annoying at this point. The percussion in general is very good, though, I've noticed. That last note is very low; distorts some of the sounds. But it's a fairly nice ending alltogether. Good going, just use the mixer a lot more.
  7. When I heard that drumloop, I cringed. I hear that all the time. But as jmr said, the arrangement was good; the guitar solo though, I didn't like so much. Maybe a little variation here and there? Nice attempt, but if you plan on submitting this I recommend a total reconstruction.
  8. OK, first, hello everybody. 2nd, the ReMix. Titled "Arcanus Inverno". This mix is based off of DKC's Northern Hemispheres. It is a Drill n Bass / Industrial ReMix of the song. Normally, I would do trance, but I'm burnt out on producing trance as of now, so I tried my luck w/ DnB. The Industrial elements were thrown in so I could fit the "mood" I wanted in the song. I also understand it is rather short. This is because I wanted the momentum of the song to not decrease at all, and for the song to end very high-energy. Also note that this is a really big stretch from the original "Northern Hemispheres"; I took what they had (which wasn't much) and made it into something of my own creation. I know it won't compare to Chekan Winter, though. xD http://www.speedyshare.com/552849711.html
  9. I started a Forest Temple remix project a while back, but I'll never finish it. XD
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