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  1. worked from home for a while now im back in my office, i dont really wanna be there though, florida is doing real bad now
  2. thank goodness for steam refunds
  3. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    drag the sound effect onto mario
  4. i speedrun http://twitch.tv/atmuh
  5. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    you mean kaizo and the game does need any more automatic levels, mario doesnt need cutscenes and the thing is kaizo levels were not bad but the way people try to emulate them is kaizo levels were for the most part very challenging but fair levels that focused around a concept and got progressively more difficult, which was able to happen because it was a progression of levels not just one people just skip the progression and put the stupid stuff in their level so the player will have no idea what to expect but in the actual kaizo game because of the progression, would
  6. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    i almost beat skyzo and after that im gonna try to beat all his levels, probably with the exception of p-break edit beat skyzo
  7. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    relax man i was just giving a bit of advice anyways, someone submitted this level on my stream yesterday and it was probably the greatest level ive seen yet Middle Earth: The Ring's Journey FBC4-0000-0034-2BF2
  8. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    if you have to message the creator of a level for help it's probably not the best level
  9. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    letting people submit levels in twitch chat has been a neat and fun way to actually get people watching my stream
  10. if you can believe it he actually has slept through almost every night since 2 weeks
  11. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    get to chipotle before the rush E1EF-0000-003B-1AFE
  12. atmuh

    Super Mario Maker

    you only really need 1 code per person so they can be easily followed otherwise the list will get long
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