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  1. Oh, I'd heard it was bad to mix using headphones - though can't remember the reason now! would you have any recommendations on a set?
  2. Hi all, been away from music production for a while now but recently got back into it. In an attempt to better myself I have been trying really hard to pay attention to the mix of my songs (something I wasn't always great at sticking to.) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would like to take a listen to a couple opf short samples taken from a recent track I've been working on and comment on the mix? I don't have any professional equipment so judging mixes is quite tricky, I'd really just like an outside opinion on whether I'm heading in the right direction or not. Any comments are massively
  3. Hey, I'm ready to do some ambient music, give me your website address and let me know what I should do to get ready.

    Email me at MeteoX9999@aol.com

  4. Just one more bump - is any one else interested? I've had a few PM's through from some of you - so thanks for the interest so far. Just in case it helps, the site has launched (albeit with only a skeleton-catalogue available) here: Ambient Moods Thank you!
  5. Lol... I'm afraid I don't get the joke... But I'm sure it's very funny! How fresh did you find the site!?
  6. Just a quick thread to tell you about this site, http://www.ambient-moods.co.uk It's a fresh site with some ambient/atmospheric music to download. Most of it is inspired by video game music, so should go down fairly well here Enjoy!
  7. Sorry, got caught up with some things - you should have a PM waiting for you
  8. Fantastic, I'll reply when I get home from work. Is any one else interested? I am also planning on releasing some of the songs on a podcast, which I forgot to mention in my original post.
  9. Well, preferably I am looking for material asap to help kick start the site (is it would be very tricky to get it going without many songs available). That said once things are rolling it's going to need a flow of new music to sustain it, so that would be absolutely fine yes.
  10. Hi guys, I am opening up a site selling amient and atmospheric music. I started it originally to market my own compositions, but it would be greaat to get some other musicians on board. I'm looking for some people who have recorded their own original songs that would be interested in selling them on the site. Obviously you'll get a cut from the sales, I can't say exactly how much at this point, it all depends on the price you are happy to sell your mp3's for. If it helps I have been in talk with Michiel Van Den Bos, and he is interested in contributing some material to the site! I'm not gi
  11. I tried that, what I meant was are there any that have been rejected by the OCR judges that haven't made their way on to the site? I know a couple like that that are featured on DXM but not here because the judges didn't think they were good enough. Sorry if it deemed I hadn't done my research there.
  12. Hey there guys. I'm just posting to see if anyone knows of, or has done any remixes of any tracks from Deus Ex 1 or 2 that aren't yet featured on dx-music.com? I'm attempting a bit of a refresh on the site and would love to get hold of some new mixes. If anyone wants to create one that's fine too Hope to hear from you!
  13. Hey everyone! Some of you might remember my band completed a Deus Ex Remix album a while back. Well since then we've worked hard on some of our own material, the result of which is the Nebula EP. It's a blend of chilled ambiance with some rougher house edges. We're offering the entire release for free mp3 download, so please check it out if you like the sound or enjoyed our previous work. Thanks. link
  14. Hey guys, this is just a little request, but we (Auteur Theory) have just completed a remix of Radiohead's Reckoner and have entered it into their remix competition. We need people to listen to the song and vote for it if they like it. It's a simple one click affair, so if some of you could check out the song we'd really appreciate it. You can hear our song here: http://www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=233 Or if you'd like a little more info on it all you can visit this page: http://auteurtheoryonline.muzicom.net/?q=node/27 Thanks everyone in advance
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