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  1. I don't know if this was brought up before, but.. http://bt.ocremix.org/ <- Any links that lead to a forum post, lead to a /phpBB/ directory instead of a /forums/ directory. Might need to update those.
  2. That's what you get with a new torrent. You gotta give it some time for the ratio of seeds to peers to even out.
  3. I was surprised when I got the email about it today. Can't wait to listen to it. :3 I've already spread the news about it in an IRC channel I frequent, so I'm helping to spread the news about this. :3 Excellent work.
  4. Much better. Thanks. However, if you don't like the white background on the inputs, remove the text coloring and the background color and let the OS style the input elements instead.
  5. Here's a small suggestion. How about specifying an input background color to go with that forced black color? It's very hard to read inputs and and buttons on the forum if your computer has a dark background by default.
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