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  1. This is simply brilliant. I wouldn't have been too surprised to hear an electronica or metal arrangement of this theme, but the Russian flair is a surprising direction for a song that was surprising to begin with. The quotes from Caravan and from Toccata and Fugue, I think, help really make this. To me, they add a little bit of culture and silliness to the arrangement, which help it keep some of the same feel of the original. About the lyrics: Don't make a version without the lyrics! Chucky Poo's theme is nothing without its words. However, I do think that people have a point about the maturity (or lack thereof) of the vocals. If you were going to make a censored version, you may as well just take CLAR's approach: replace the words of the offending words with pitched farting sounds.
  2. So I recently requested the almighty FL Studio 6, because I figured that after a year or two of putzing around with remixes on NWC, I was ready to play with the big boys with MP3s. Obviously I was wrong. The list of included resources is organized in a way which does not yet make sense to me and contains an overload of files with unhelpful names, half of with cause my speakers to emit an unholy sound as if they're giving birth to a walrus. Each. I just want to be able to able to push some buttons or wave some wands or do whatever time-consuming process is necessary and make some tracks that sound more or less like real instruments (or at least significantly less like devilspawn), not cause my glasses to break from the ineffable shrieks emitted by Mr. "phat bass saw tricky d hurpa bangwhiz lead mother pad" as it belts out the worst rendition of some Banjo-Kazooie song or other in recorded history. Where on earth should I start? Or should I acknowledge that I'll be doomed to an early institutionalization and resign myself to rocking gently, playing CANYON.mid on a never-ending loop?