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  1. I like the ideas for the story going around, a futuristic zelda would be intresting. idk about how much in the future though... just not too much. Something else to add to the clock, if it was like majora's mask, each corner, part of the triforce loses power or something... not necessarily a certain part of it, but randomly, someone get's knocked off, and you have a certain amount of time to save it before it is completely gone. or flip it better yet, and it shows how much power, say gannon, get's. Another piece of the triforce so to speak. Still, I know that this is not a zelda game, or li
  2. Happy Birthday djp! Amazing work you have! I hope your day will be the best you have had. Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. lol, I didn't read all of it. Just some of the replies here, it seemed kinda clueless. anyway, I am a noob, I'd like you to know and proud! I guess stravge also works but I'd rather go with wierd.
  4. wow, you guys... I"m a nerd for this stuff, e3 for 08 brawl will be out. so they should have a reveiw for it. it's coming out 12.3.07 just in time for the holidays. And the official site that has updates every week day will tell you all about it, from characters, stages, to even the music in the game. They have samples. There are so many new things, it'll take a long time to get threw all of it, if you havn't seen it. It's awesome. I can take up to 3-5 pages updating this thread for the game! Click below to go there now! http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/index.html This should solve questioni
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