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  1. Has everyone filled it in who wants to now? I'd be very grateful if anyone knows anyone else who would be interested in filling this thing in...sorry to be a pain everyone!
  2. That Kingdom Hearts review was pretty good. I do like that series though, but I also like RE4... Kwarp, I ended up studying different ways of telling interactive stories to make them fit in with videogames, and it's a very interesting topic. I can't remember who made the comparison, but one author was comparing Homeric epics to video games because of the way that these stories used to be told by a storyteller who would often change things every time they were told, and the listeners would join in and ask questions or something. I think I need more coffee, I'm losing it Thanks for the responses again people, it's going great!
  3. Hi again =) No iPods I'm afraid, but I do have another survey if anyone wants to vent their spleens about the games industry again! I got some really interesting responses last time, and ended up with some new areas to research. I'm almost there...! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=zTmNmkl_2b7Iuhed10BZLWsA_3d_3d Thanks for your help everyone!
  4. I'm really sorry about that! I figured the responses had dried up... do you still have your answers to hand by any chance? If not, II might have to create another one in a couple of days. Thankyou anyway though!
  5. That is a bit strange.... Anyway, I think I'll finish this one up now. Cheers again! I'll let you know how it progresses!
  6. Yeah, it's only one page for now. Thanks again everyone! It's nice to talk to such a large community of gamers, and it definitely helps!
  7. Thanks! It is quite tough going, but luckily the community here is extremely helpful, and when you come to do yours, I'm sure we'll all be able to help in the same way!
  8. Thanks for the advice, Ifirit. I'll use that for the next one =) Thanks again everyone, these responses are excellent!
  9. In what way? Criticism is welcome, but I'll have to let this one run its course as it is first.
  10. I'm afraid not - I left my research a bit late! I sort of got lost in the whole literature background thing... Was the other guy doing a dissertation too?
  11. Nookster, I'm glad we seem to be in the same boat! Oops, double post.
  12. I'm doing qualitative research, so I've tried to keep the questions as open as possible, so here's hoping. The question about graphics and atmosphere is really just to test the waters about the whole ludology/narratology gameplay/graphics debate, so I'm just trying to get evidence of where most hardcore gamers stand. I have my own opinions but I'm probably not supposed to say anything until I've collected the responses, just to keep things all above ground and all that, lol
  13. Cheers Malcos! It will be a lot of work, but its very interesting to start seeing trends in what gamers are saying. I'm aiming to compare what people want with what they're currently getting, to put it crudely, lol.
  14. Hi everyone, I know I'm new here, and this is probably a really cheeky question, but... As the topic title suggests, I'm doing a dissertation on the current games console market (too much research on online gaming for my liking!) and although I know a few gamers, I need to get opinions on the current console hardware generation from hardcore gamers. I'd be extremely grateful for opinions and thoughts about this, so hopefully this will go some way to show which direction consumers want the games industry to go! I'm so sorry this is my first post and I'm already asking favours, but I'm hoping everyone here will be like-minded, and have something to say! The survey I made is here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=rUnh7k0fWgfoOI4Azl2pUw_3d_3d Thankyou everyone, and I will post "properly" here as soon as this dissertation stress has died down!
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