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    Super Mario Bros.

    Yeah, I've gone through all those already and it's not anyone of those. Thanks though.
  2. MilitaryPyroMutt

    Super Mario Bros.

    I remember having stumbled onto this site from some amount of years ago (two or three, I think), and I remember coming across this one Super Mario remix. I don't remember who composed it and I don't remember what they had titled it, but what I do remember is that it had the Bowser theme in it with this huge 'drum-your-arms-off' sequence about midway into the song and then a sort of 'radio' switch-back sequence that went from the heavy-metal-ish Bowser to a ska-like version of the Tropical Theme. Does anyone recall this remix and have a link to where I can listen to it again?
  3. MilitaryPyroMutt

    Guidelines for Posting Requests

    Okay, absolute clueless newbie with one quick question, here. Are we allowed to make requests for specific songs that have already been composed/edited/remixed and uploaded on here by the composers on this site? Or is it just to make requests for entirely new submissions?