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  1. Download Rate: 500kb/s Upload Rate: 6kb/s I know the upload is a little slow, even though i have the throttle all the way up...but anyways...will have the first torrent done in half an hour and will be seeding for the next month...i'll be workin on the rest as soon as i get my new hard drive...i have about 500 megs left out of 100 gigs... ::Edit:: I have the first 1000 songs now...and am seeding for all of them...the speed is now around 15kb/s...which is nice. These should be seeding for the next month pretty much constantly.
  2. Hmm in 2 weeks ill be back home from college...and amazingly i have a better connection at home then on campus... anyways...I have the first 1000 OC mixes...and I wouldn't mind downloading the rest...i got plenty of room....the only problem is i would only have the good speed for a month... If....and this is a big roommates and I get a cable modem in our dorm i could do it for as long as comp is on 24/7 so yeah...give me a couple of weeks and i'll help out as much as needed