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  1. http://www.square-enix-usa.com/uematsu/q&a/index.html and if you're feeling bold; info@smileplease.co.jp I'm not sure that you could get in touch with Nobuo with the latter, and probably not with the first one either but you could try nobuo@smileplease.co.jp or uematsu@smilplease.co.jp Just maybe it would be worth a shot to try to give Uematsu a poke about this. But well, merely providing you with possible options. Just make sure you give me a shout if someone gets a reply from the man.
  2. Actually, wow man. When i listen to the Chocobo themes i usually do it to piss off my neighbours, and that isn't very often. But this beauty has been in my playlist the last three days now, and woah. You took a track that could have been used to psych out prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and made it sound like something a new age-buddhist monk would meditate to. In other words; En så in i helvete bra låt! That's Swedish, and it means something like ''Hell of a song'' so don't kill me for using foreign words, thank you very much. And well yeah, i don't know what a new age-buddhist is, i don't even think new age-buddhism exist, and if it did it would probably be called ''Neo-buddhism'' or something like that. I just thought it sounded funny, forgive my childish mind. But, well you can't expect more from a fifteen year old i suppose. So don't give me a hefty rant about that=)
  3. Well, i have not yet heard it all but i've plowed my way through a few songs and; Wow, incredible. I recall that i thought that Trenthian's idéa to combine Cid's theme and Gold Saucer was a bit bold and oh did i have to eat that one up. This will rock my world for a few months now, great job and a big thanks for this one. =D
  4. Bah! Miscalculations! I missed out two hours:( This will not stand! Well well, i'll get it in the morning i suppose.
  5. Hello and good night OCR! The new newbie and fanboy is here;-Fanboy! I'm just another fan of music and videogames and sadly, i lack the skills to play any instrument, and with my teenager-voice i don't do much singing either. Thank heavens for that. Another swede, like AmiEvil and Another Soundscrape here, but as you probably figured i won't contribute with more than my thoughts i the forums. Like many others i too have lurked around here fpr about a year, enjoying the music and so on. Oh, and yes, i have a total lack of imagination and thus my worthless username. Now you know what there is to know.
  6. Hoho, i highly doubt that. But it may be so that i underestimated my fluency with the language. However, i think i'll consider that a compliment. And wow, the release is very very close now, a little less than four hours here in what seems to be changing into a autumn-ish? Sweden. Took a quick look at the tracklist at the album-page and i say, you guys sure put up a lot of thinking for this one. I personally find the combining of tracks such as Gold Saucer and Cid's theme a little, dared based on how they sound in-game. But as usual it would not make much sense to judge anything before i hear it myself. And thus, i wont. I'm really looking forward to this, so i'll take use of my current situation being sick in fever and staying up and downloading it. At any rate, the tracklist looks marvelous! Well, according to how i interpreted zircon when he stated that it would be available at midnight tonight, Thursday and i think that is what zircon meant. I hope.
  7. I would consider my English somewhat poor since i compare with my brother who lives in Ireland. How i found my way here? Oh, erh, well i can't rightly remember, I've been lurking around here for about a year now. Listening to a few remixes, just enjoying the marvelous music. Simple as that. =) And perhaps you might be right about setting a time, and frankly; I'll be happy just to get the album.
  8. Regarding the release of the torrent, at what time this Friday will i be able to get my hands on it? Even if it could be somewhat of a spoiler to give out the exact time, but since i reside in Far-away-Sweden there might be differences in time and perhaps even date. I am eagerly awaiting the release, and i know this will have been worth the wait. I apologize for my poor language, by the way.
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