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  1. http://www.square-enix-usa.com/uematsu/q&a/index.html and if you're feeling bold; info@smileplease.co.jp I'm not sure that you could get in touch with Nobuo with the latter, and probably not with the first one either but you could try nobuo@smileplease.co.jp or uematsu@smilplease.co.jp Just maybe it would be worth a shot to try to give Uematsu a poke about this. But well, merely providing you with possible options. Just make sure you give me a shout if someone gets a reply from the man.
  2. Actually, wow man. When i listen to the Chocobo themes i usually do it to piss off my neighbours, and that isn't very often. But this beauty has been in my playlist the last three days now, and woah. You took a track that could have been used to psych out prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and made it sound like something a new age-buddhist monk would meditate to. In other words; En så in i helvete bra låt! That's Swedish, and it means something like ''Hell of a song'' so don't kill me for using foreign words, thank you very much. And well yeah, i don't know what a new age-buddhist is, i don't ev
  3. Well, i have not yet heard it all but i've plowed my way through a few songs and; Wow, incredible. I recall that i thought that Trenthian's idéa to combine Cid's theme and Gold Saucer was a bit bold and oh did i have to eat that one up. This will rock my world for a few months now, great job and a big thanks for this one. =D
  4. Bah! Miscalculations! I missed out two hours:( This will not stand! Well well, i'll get it in the morning i suppose.
  5. Hello and good night OCR! The new newbie and fanboy is here;-Fanboy! I'm just another fan of music and videogames and sadly, i lack the skills to play any instrument, and with my teenager-voice i don't do much singing either. Thank heavens for that. Another swede, like AmiEvil and Another Soundscrape here, but as you probably figured i won't contribute with more than my thoughts i the forums. Like many others i too have lurked around here fpr about a year, enjoying the music and so on. Oh, and yes, i have a total lack of imagination and thus my worthless username. Now you know what the
  6. Hoho, i highly doubt that. But it may be so that i underestimated my fluency with the language. However, i think i'll consider that a compliment. And wow, the release is very very close now, a little less than four hours here in what seems to be changing into a autumn-ish? Sweden. Took a quick look at the tracklist at the album-page and i say, you guys sure put up a lot of thinking for this one. I personally find the combining of tracks such as Gold Saucer and Cid's theme a little, dared based on how they sound in-game. But as usual it would not make much sense to judge anything before i he
  7. I would consider my English somewhat poor since i compare with my brother who lives in Ireland. How i found my way here? Oh, erh, well i can't rightly remember, I've been lurking around here for about a year now. Listening to a few remixes, just enjoying the marvelous music. Simple as that. =) And perhaps you might be right about setting a time, and frankly; I'll be happy just to get the album.
  8. Regarding the release of the torrent, at what time this Friday will i be able to get my hands on it? Even if it could be somewhat of a spoiler to give out the exact time, but since i reside in Far-away-Sweden there might be differences in time and perhaps even date. I am eagerly awaiting the release, and i know this will have been worth the wait. I apologize for my poor language, by the way.
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