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  1. I actually thought the entire arrangement was great, as well as very dramatic at parts. Great job.
  2. Quite some time ago, a few people on another board started a Xenogears voice-acting project which unfortunately never completely got off the ground (twas a sad day, indeed...). It was a shame since I recorded a few demos and was fully prepared, but oh well...such is life. Recently a friend and I have been brainstorming a rather unique Xenogears project. A re-telling of the story (well, the major events anyway) in song form; in general, an album. The style of music you ask? Hip-hop. Now, while this may shy the lot of you away, give it a chance first I'm almost done the first few of many tracks, and would like some feedback (whether it be positive, negative, or whatever). Now, keep in mind these are still demos, so they're far from perfect, but feel free to share your constructive criticism. So, without further adu, here they go: 1. Intro 2. Prolugue 3. Crimson Blood 4. Seeker of Power NOTES (in other words, let's get the obvious issues out of the way): I. Yes, I know the intros are a bit long, but those and the tracks themselves will be seperated on the album itself II. All voices were done by me, just thought I'd mention that III. During the beginning of Crimson Blood there is a very noticeable mistake when I'm saying something...that will be fixed in the next demo IV. Xenogears (NOT Xenosaga) rocks V. I'm still tweaking the EQ for Grahf's voice so he can be heard better (during some parts of the beat his voice gets drowned out)
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