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  1. I do not know him personally, neither have I ever gotten an impression of what he was like as a person. I am not very experienced in this community and don't know many of the composers who work here. But I cried. I cried when I heard of his death and heard his music shortly after that. The pieces he has composed are some of the most beautiful and well made pieces of art I have ever heard. I have to thank him for his music and I wish him all the best, wherever he is now. We will miss you.
  2. Just a quick question: I just downloaded the soundtrack (ITS AWESOME gratz to the artists) and I printed the artwork and its way too big to put in a CD cover. Can anyone tell me how to do that? EDIT: Oh and btw i'd also need some instruction for putting the disc artwork in the right size so I can paste it onto the CDs. Thx ^^