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  1. Reading DJPretzel's review I downloaded this mix with doubts that I would enjoy it, but it is surprisingly listenable, the dissonence doesn't detract from my enjoyment of it at all. Overall it just felt like an energetic and well played piano piece, quite similar to how FF6's piano album handled the boss theme I think, taking fast complicated pieces and converting them to piano music via flowing rolling play. The bass notes also keep the energy in the piece, adding a sort of pulse / heartbeat to the whole affair. Though I don't think it's the kind of thing I can just zone out to while listeni
  2. I know I'm pretty low key around here, and I haven't made any remixes, but I've been listening to them for at least 3 years now on this site, I have to say hats off to this one! Allow me to be the ten-millionth gushing forum user to say Thank You, Mr Soule, both for letting the good people who make these mixes know that they are appreciated by the original artists and for contributing such a great arrangement. No doubt your schedual is packed, and I understand the demands made on game music is going up more and more these days, but I wonder if you will attempt this sort of thing again, consid
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