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  1. This Genesis/Mega-Drive game had a lot of good tunes. Worthy of some OCRemix magic.
  2. Yes. Even though there is the game Virtua Fighter Remix - which has the same tunes 'remixed'.... I'm talking about remixing the Dural Theme (or the 'Character Select' tune) from Virtua Fighter; in another style or genre of music. Maybe not rock since it already sounds a bit like rock with the guitar. I was thinking trance or something more 'electronic' wise... Or whatever works. I just love the song. Thanks. Edit: On 2nd thought... The VF-Remix version does have more of a melody to it, while the regular VF is more repetitive (loops). Maybe if the VF-Remix version were changed back to the instruments used in the reg. VF - yet still retained the melody of VF-Remix. That would be interesting (too).
  3. There really wasn't any specific game that brought me here. In another forum I'm a member of there was a topic about game music. But before that I believe the first remix I ever DL'ed that came from this place was actually from one of those file sharing dealies. It may have been Sonic 3 Sonik Azure.... by analoq (?).
  4. Think of it as in investment. An investment in FUN! Such as new coaster for your favorite drink or as a frisbee (see how many times you can shoot it into the trash can, keep score, then see if you can beat your old score), or just use the case as a spare for another cd you actually like. Or microwave it for an awesome little light show. You have also bought a lesson. If it's in the cheap bin - it's there for a good reason. It also makes you appreciate the better things in life. Like things that aren't that CD. Maybe you should listen to it anyway. Not with head phones but on your car stereo or your stereo at home where other people can hear it. Then make like it's the most awesomest music ever! Sing along and/or dance to it! ...Just to see what other people actually think and to see if you get any awkward stares and finger pointing... as well as wispers and giggling, etc.
  5. Thanks! Ahhh! That's much better. It is ...fixified!
  6. Bolt your chair to the celing and equip it with a seatbelt. j/k If you read my other topic titled "Linnear, threaded, Hybrid...*sigh*" you'll see I talk about this also. And I agree. It's weird. Not that it has anything to do with this... There's one of those crazy/awesome!!! flash movies out there with Gouki and Chameleon. If you watch it you'll notice the hit counters are switched. Normally in fighting games it counts above your character how many hits you score against your opponent. But in this flash movie it registers the number of hits you take. Just like this... Backwards. Yet I wonder... Not so much if/when the person/s in control of this forum will "correct" this... But be concerned enough to do so. I have 'correct' in quotations because - perhaps to them it is correct. Or maybe they've never used any other forum before.
  7. Ah. I had it like this once. It's, like, backwards. But I guess that saves me from having to press the 'End' key on my keyboard to get to the last post in the topic. Different is good once in a while.
  8. To make this post I clicked on the 'Post Reply' button at the bottom of the page.[/useless info.] The thing I noticed one time was that I clicked on the 'Reply with Quote' button of someone's post in another topic. Now before I replied there were already a number of replies already made. Somewhere in the teens or twenties - which gave it a 2nd page. But after adding my reply it was on the first page, it was the 2nd post from the reply that I quoted. In the typical 'Flat' style, it would've been on the 2nd page.
  9. I'll have to go with Hybrid mode. But, I must say, this is the first forum I've ever been in that didn't have a simple 'flat' mode, where you can see every post in the exact order in which they were added or posted by it's members. This place is almost like a maze. Or perhaps, being NEW here I haven't gotten used to how this forum works. Yet, I can see how it might get confusing with so many replies in one topic. With discussions that break off into other subjects, otherwise known as 'going off topic', this way it can be easier to follow certain discussion 'branches'. I'm sure there must be a reason why the 'flat view' option isn't available. Not that I can't live without it. I can always adapt. Edit: Oops. This may have been better suited to the other topic titled: OverClocked ReMix Design ?'s and Issues.
  10. I'd like to request a remix of one of the songs/tunes from the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game 'Kid Chameleon'. Specifically the music from the Egyptian type stages. Sorry, I don't know of any specific name for that tune. But something like Egyptian funk would seem to make sense. Since it does sound a bit funky. There are some other good sounding songs for this game, but, this being my first post - I don't want to make a 'shot-gun' request. I don't know of any links that I could post. I've recorded the music while it was playing on an emulator, edited it in Audacity, and converted it with MMJB. If anyone needs this music to work with - PM me. I'll see what I can do. But I'm sure you guys are very resourceful anyways.