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  1. On February 2, 2016 at 4:05 PM, MindWanderer said:

    I actually did a Toad Man/Proto Man remix for the last WCRG in 3/4.  Unfortunately, it a) also incorporated Wily 2-1, and b) sucked.  If this project is still alive by the time I have time in my life for remixing again (HAHAHAHAHA) I'd love to take another shot at it.

    But seriously, MM4 is my favorite OST in the series, and it needs more love.  I'd be very enthusiastic for a 3/4, 5/4, or 6/4 album.  I don't think I've ever heard anything in my life in 9/4, but that would be pretty darn interesting as well.

    I'm not the biggest fan of 4's music (okay I love 4 musically but love 3 better and 5...) but I do like the idea of those concepts for an album. 


    Also keep working. I'm gonna be late posting my vid, but it's really just a rough draft and still needs work. 

    Please keep working on your song sounds like a good idea. Post it here, I'll do my best to objectively critique it. I'll say why I do and don't like it (and try to not let my own taste meddle with it).


    20 hours ago, DarkeSword said:

    This is a great concept for an album.

    Thanks :).

    i hope you have an interest in producing a song. I'm sorry I'll be a bit late posting my rough draft for "dr wily stage 3/4 mm3"


  2. 1 hour ago, Black_Doom said:

    I think we better need an MM4 album with all the songs remixed in four-on-the-flour fashion ;) I really loved concept of an album filled only with EDM stuff :D 4/4 timesig FTW!

    Sounds cool...

    but at the moment I'm all about this 3/4 thing. I've already started on wily castle theme 2 (stages 3 and 4) in 3/4 time and I absolutely love the way it sounds.

    I also made a 2/4 version that's kinda bouncy and uses shuffle rhythm. I'm down for the four on the flour concept after the 3/4 thing is done. 

  3. edited...

    the new idea is to take a song from any numbered megaman game and alter the time signature so the new time has a number from the game of origin e.g. Songs from megaman 4 can be in 5/4, 3/4, etc., songs from 7 can be 7/8 or what have you, 6 can be in 6/6, 6/4, and so on.


    originally the idea was for "megaman 3/4" which involved only megaman 3 and 4 songs and put them all in 3/4. But not enough expressed interest and a lot of megaman 4 songs I don't feel work well in 3/4 (specifically wily castle 1, which I think could sound great in 5/4).

  4. First I ask that you share any resources you know pertaining to music theory and learning. I plan to constantly edit and update this first post with all that is collected in this thread.

    Second here's what I have to offer currently.


    There are some very basic music theory to slightly more advanced concepts on this site plus a variety of training drills [like learning to identify notes so you can play by ear. Single notes, two at once, three, scales, etc..] some things on time signatures and the time of each individual note.

    Your local library [seriously, go check out books on music theory. useful stuff. Mine had a few on electronic music, piano, general, some on how to play the blues, etc.]


    -Computer Musicians

    "I just read a book called Harmony for Computer Musicians. It's AMAZING. It goes into so much detail about different kinds of chords and chord progressions and how to use them. I'm only 1/3 of the way through, but I've already learned a lot. You'll have to know some basic stuff (like scales, chords, the circle of fifths) before reading it though."

    submitted by supercoobie64

    PDF files


    "I also found a random PDF on Reddit called Music Theory: The TLDR Version. It's short, but it gets to the point and explains a lot of advanced concepts like secondary dominants, altered chords, suspensions, etc. Just ignore the stupid memes."

    Submitted by supercoobie64

  5. So, I haven't seen a thread linking sheet music sites and such for those who can't play by ear [yet]. But here's a few sites I use to find piano sheets [which I think are some of the most useful since you can translate them into sheets for single note instruments and whatnot but single note sheets you have to do more work to make into something like piano sheets].

    This is all I got at the moment, but please share sites you know of and let's have a sheet music resource here so we can have more arrangers arranging more songs.


    This has sheets for nearly every game in the nintendo franchise and more. Sometimes sheets are mediocre or just plain awful, however they update the sheets as new sheets obsolete the old sheets [like at TASvideos where new runs obsolete the old runs] e.g. At home I have two versions of "Airship" from mario 3 The bassline has been updated [previously it was :4th note, 4th note, double 8th, triplet: 4th, triplet, double 8th, triplet: lather rinse repeat (for most o the song anyway). And while it's not that big a deal the bass in the new sheet is more accurate as :4th,4th8th triplet, triplet,4th: 4th, triplet,double 8th, triplet: Plus the chords used to consist of only 2 notes and have changed to 3 note chords, also more accurate... So, if you find bad sheets there's a chance it will be updated in time with better sheets].

    . o ( Hoping I can continuously edit this first post so I can keep updating it as more sites are posted)

  6. haha... sparkman requesting guy..

    I plan on doing all of mm3 on piano once I get all the sheet music and learn it all.

    So far I know [and have sheets for] snakeman, sparkman, blues concert, wily 1-3 and the credits. So... just a few more so I can put this together.

  7. Well there's an interesting idea for the song. XD

    Came up with a completely different idea actually.

    I plan on doing a piano arrangement of all of megaman 3 at some point since it's where I got my start with video game music. been screwing around with the sheets and they're a bit bland [sigh...] ...okay just re listened to the source.. sparkman's song is rather bland [the bassline anyway] and the sheets are pretty accurate. So I'll have to pull some theory out my ass to make it more interesting.

  8. Hey OCR. What's your favorite Robot Master track from Mega Man 3? Mine happens to be Spark Man (although Shadow Man's my fave Robot Master in general, his song is not near as spectacular to me). I think old Sparksie deserves to get his chance to have a remix. After all, he was one of the only Robot Masters to get his theme remixed in Smash Brothers. That must mean it's good...right?:grin:


    I guess I'll go print out the sheet music and see what's up with it.

    But, wait, I don't even have any mixes yet, I'll give it a try though, cause I actually had a few idea's about Sparkie's theme [mostly something that sounds like a nazi march theme-ish...].

  9. Here's a song I'm working on...

    Currently what I'm well aware of: Timing sucks [i only have access to my electric piano at home and so I have to do it all by hand, but trust me I'm working on my timing with my metronome everyday... sigh...] and it's pretty short. But other than that I'm looking for feedback to see what else can be done.

    I've named the track "Do an Aileron roll!"

    edit.... forgot to post the source. There're two.

    Arpeggios are intentionally meant to sound like Ballad of the windfish while the main source is starfox map selection screen. Here's both.

    star fox map selection

    windfish song

    May incorporate more of the windfish into this... But the main focus is the map select from star fox


  10. I'm sure plenty of people are.

    How would they execute this player search function that you desire? Do you know how many people use the same name, or how many people would pose as a good player by using their name?

    ever hear of friend codes?

    But seriously if you cold chose who you're going to watch you could set up an online tournament so easy. You have a tournament of 32 players, playing 4 at a time, top two procede. You could have the entire tournament viewing all of the matches. And after a while you'd see some kick ass battles near the finals. That would be fucking entertaining.

  11. It's only a bad thing because people'll lack variety or some bullshit like that.

    Personally I don't really care. It's like when people used to complain about yoshi and drybones in mariokart DS, the only people you heard complaining weren't very good at the game.

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