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  1. This sounds really pretty. I don't hear much connection to the source, though; the chords are different (which is 90% of what this source is), and the backing texture is only faintly connected to the backing plucked instrument in the source. Not too sure I can add too much to this other than I'm not hearing the source in this, other than it's very pretty to listen to. NO
  2. Well the worst case scenario is that you'll get rejected (and I do try to be nice about it, whenever I'm the judge, lol), so whenever you decide to make any sort of remix there's no harm in giving it a shot :3
  3. Oh, those are some cool instruments you've built for yourself, and I like them clusters in the harmonies. Nice stuff goin' down, here.
  4. Hello, mostly dealing with a mental breakdown with mounting pressures of work and... well, bullshit, all through last year. I'm trying to ease back into the swing of things but it takes time. Sorry that the progress of an album relies on the back of someone who is, let's just say, mentally exhausted. The Lufia album is something I need a lot of mental energy to work through, which I've been recovering slowly but surely. Not that fair to most of the good folk who worked on it, but I'm only human at the end of the day. ... also, is this the first time I posted in the public forums in a
  5. This is a nice, conservative little arrangement you've got going on, here. It follows the source quite closely, but there's enough personal charm and interpretation here and there to where I think the arrangement would work well on OCR. It's got a minimalistic opening with a really cool section at 1:38 where the source textures get some room to breath - it breaks the track up really well, in fact. The mixing on this track leaves something to be desired, though. The lead gets buried behind the backing bassline and textures starting from 0:14, and it really doesn't let up for the entire tra
  6. Wow, this sounds like a metal arrangement heavily influenced by the "Halloween" franchise, holy shit I am digging this style. Setting the arrangement to the swing of 6/8 rather than the 3/4 the source is set to is a nice touch, too - you can often get a lot of creative mileage out of that alone. Whatever mixing issues were present in the prior seems to have been fixed, since I can hear everything just fine in this, and it all sounds very well balanced. The ending is a little strange, but that could very well be personal preference on my end. This is pretty great, let's get it up on the fr
  7. Deus Ex, what a classic soundtrack, with this being one of the real gems of the soundtrack. Been playing it again lately, too - can't really help it, it's a classic. This one does sound like it ripped the theme from the MIDI file that's on vgmusic.com. While I normally don't mind as long as it's merely used as a springboard to something more personal (as you've used it for here), the MIDI gets a lot of the arrangement simply incorrect, ranging from the classic bassline being out of sync with the rest of the track to the backing textures simply being about a 4th lower than they should be.
  8. Very clean, very elegant. the arrangement is minimalistic, but that's not to say that it's straight forward - there's a lot of subtractive changes that make for some nice, interpretive arranging. The backing instruments (like the pads & light percussion) certainly add some depth to the track overall, in nice, subtle ways. Production is solid, too, so how about we get another solid Rebecca piece on here? YES
  9. Chrono Trigger, Zeal, but it's not... a Zeal remix? Tricky! Ooo, this is pretty smooth - I like the soundscape on this one, and the arrangement does some nice trickery with the texture by making that backing arp set to double time - gives the arrangement a nice kick. The arrangement is fairly clean, too, with a nice mix to top things off in the production department. The largest risk this arrangement runs the risk of getting static with many of the elements of the track being used for significant stretches of the track, but there's some decent effort taken to break up the overall arr
  10. Oh, come off it now; you did great with the tools you had. It really does hold up even today - the suppressed intro into the more texturally rich material is still something I find as great as I found it back in the day. Also, dat 'Bionic Electronica' part was always really cool (though it makes me question why you never liked vocal samples in MY music, lol - I read the old judgments, buster!). At worst, this track could've mixed a few of the lead fake orchestra parts a little more to the front of the mix, but this is a thirteen year old track; I don't think I could say anything you don't alre
  11. Huh, Parasite Eve? Definitely not a soundtrack you hear everyday. If I recall correctly, didn't this game series share the same composer as for the Kingdom Hearts series, Yoko Shimomura? Interesting game to pick from, for sure.
  12. Man, I hate this arrangement, lol. I love the fact that it's on OCR - there needs to be more music on here that challenges my tastes.
  13. As Rexy said, the vocals are kickin', as usual, with some slick lyrics and well timed samples to compliment them. The production is clean, as well, and with the sampling in the background it's not hard to find how this connects to the source. However, that leads to a bit of a problem: the primary way that we can identify that this is a SoR2 ReMix is the sampling, which is a bit of a no-no on OCR. I think it's safe to call this a violation of this rule: It's a particularly fabulous case of this broken rule (with excellent rapping and a few instruments sampled on top, for flair), bu
  14. Oh, it's great to see this one on the boards again; I really enjoyed the atmosphere that this one brought with it, even in it's first iteration, so let's see what how this develops from that foundation. I'm hearing a few pads being brought in to break up the soundscape, from time to time, which is good (especially when they alone support the source at 3:28 - excellent drop of instruments there, by the way). The repeat from prior now really feels like it has a reason to be in this track, so my initial concern of repetition is definitely covered. I was on board before, but I agree that
  15. Alright, everyone, this is NOT a drill - this album is OFFICIALLY in the Review stage! It's actually happening. I am not joking. Get excite.
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