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  1. Gario

    Rare Remixes of Megaman / Rockman 3

    Hello! Unfortunately, no matter how good a song it, you can't upload it on someone else's behalf. As per the Submissions Guidelines: If you could get Brendan's contact information and either get his permission or convince him to submit it to OCR then that would be another story, but we don't accept submissions on other people's behalf. As a judge, I'm going to add that these wouldn't be up to OCR's current quality standard, due to the conservative nature of the arrangements. I mean no offense on that; Brendan didn't submit them, so it's perfectly fine for what it is - it's just something we couldn't post on here regardless. But yeah, please don't upload other people's submissions; if people catch that their music had been uploaded on our site without their permission it can make the original author upset, and possibly lead to DjP being forced to take the music down later, which is a hassle. Thank you for asking.
  2. YES! More Motherpluckin' B music! I look forward to downloading another album from you.
  3. This is extremely sexy. Great voice work, too. From the thick beats to the constantly varying textures, this track wins on all fronts. Lovin' it.
  4. It'd be a fun idea to give a shot. K-wix did an album for it about a decade ago, so if you were wondering if someone on here had done it before then there ya go. It has good music, though, and certainly has a special enough place in history to merit another go.
  5. Gario

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    So I watched the series (I think my fiancee and I binged it over two nights - not a long series, even at twice the length of the first season), and I'll say it's really good*. *The anime is both quite slow, focusing on political intruigue and the emotional turmoil of the protagonists and antagonists, and at the same time quite fast, once the characters had time to be established the crew runs through the castle at an alarming pace. The action is great, though, and the character moments were really something to behold - even got a little teary-eye'd at the end (no spoilerz, bois). But yeah, great season 2, and it's nice to see the anime gave some room for another season or two, if people really want it. At the same time, it could end at this point pretty comfortably - I'd be okay with it either way. Good stuff here, we can forget the haters.
  6. sorry, i'm on the panel already, we're already in a Garpocalyptic Era of OCR. #feelsbadman
  7. Bruh. He's offering to do the work you do on the panel for a whole month, without compensation. It's like offering to give you a vacation for free. Do it, it'd be hilarious. Until DjP got mad at us randomly trying to grant judge privileges behind his back, anyway.
  8. Probably flavor of the week; I personally tend to get a lot of Izzet counter-burn decks and stompy green. It's pretty diverse in general, though; no better time to get into Magic than when no one has the cards to make a "great" deck, and no meta has really been established yet. It's like the wild west atm, it's great.
  9. Yeah, not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointed on that front, too - they said they were working on it, and that it was SUPPOSED to be released with the open beta. Oh well, gives us some time to build some decks before we compete, eh?
  10. Gario

    *NO* Deus Ex 'Infiltration'

    Listening through this, while I won't say this is without criticism I think Larry's assessment is missing the forest for the trees, here. The sample work isn't up to snuff (more on that later), but the synth work is great, and with more than 75% of the track being pure synth work I'm going to argue the samples were never really supposed to be realistic. The production is clean, and all of the synths (thin as they are) in combination fill up the space more than enough while remaining clear enough to hear everything. Coming back to the instrumental sample work, though, when the more acoustic elements are involved (like the samples at 0:23, the strings at 6:32, or even the e-piano at 0:13) they are dry and exposed, sounding amateurish in their use. While I can argue that the samples may never have been intended to be realistic, they don't sound intentionally fake, either, which puts them in an awful uncanny valley where the listener can only hear them as poorly sampled rather than intentionally fake. If you're going for a realistic acoustic sound, go all the way - give it some defined space, have the different note hits have different weight, phrase the dynamics better, etc. If you're going to fake them on purpose, cap those decays, harden your attacks, etc. - do things that make them really sound intentionally fake. For the record, the fake guitar work, while not great, wasn't nearly bad enough to sink the arrangement either. The distortion guitar, in particular, had a fake element that blended with the rest of the arrangement. Could be better, perhaps, but I didn't think they were distractingly bad. Glancing at the source and arrangement really quick, the source isn't difficult to hear in the arrangement. The samples are Square Enix property, though, so they'll need to go before we can pass this regardless of anything else. Otherwise, checks out on that front. I count about two minutes where the samples are exposed and rather bad out of a 8:42 track - I'm not sure if that's enough justification for me to outright reject this. Since the samples used mean that this is going to be a conditional YES anyway, though, I'd suggest the artist to take another pass on the more acoustic sample work and either put some purpose to it's fakeness, change the samples to synths of sorts, or make the samples much more realistic and less dry. It could easily take this from a pretty good track to a great one, if some time was taken to polish this up. I'll pass it either way, but those Square Enix samples do need to go - we can't have Square Enix samplin' in our posts, unfortunately. EDIT (2018/10/09): I'm hearing the sampled instrument at 1:03 that Nutritious is pointing out as well, which I agree is sampled from the game with effects overlaid on it. That will need to be removed and replaced with something that isn't Square Enix property before we can pass this, as well. YES (CONDITIONAL ON SQUARE SFX BEING REMOVED)
  11. Remixer Name: Nostalvania Name of game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Name of arrangement: Buy Or Bye Name of individual song: Shop theme Source: Remix: Hi OCR! I'm back with another ReMix, and this time it's really something different. I actually made an early version of this track some time ago. It originally was meant to be like a parody of the shop theme from Ocarina of Time (Honestly, i just can't take that source seriously lol). Anyway, i always had the feeling that this has more potential than just to be a parody. Then i started to rework the track, added more variation in general and improved the mixing. The result is a funny mix of EDM, german folk music, polka, reggae and chiptunes. Admitted, it still kinda sounds like a spoof, that doesn't mean i wasn't serious about the musical aspects, though. I tried to keep it interesting by using different instrumentation, tempo changes, changing between binary and ternary feeling, key changes (four of them) and a nice accordion solo at the end.
  12. Gario

    *NO* Silent Hill 2 'Memory'

    There are some new, richer chords incorporated in the track, and the instrumentation does have some cool variation periodically (the celesta being replaced with the vocals, the interesting drum work, etc.), but overall the arrangement sticks with the source material a little too faithfully for OCR. Most of the instruments used are similar, if higher quality, outside of the jazzy chords not too much has changed in the source usage, and the structure matches the source close to one-to-one. The production quality is borderline solid, though it does get muddy when all of the instruments are playing at once (like at 2:32). As far as learning how to balance acoustic instruments, I think you've almost got the hang of it based on this track, so I think you accomplished your goal. While a pretty good listen, it's not something that we can post on OCR. Appreciate the submission, though. NO
  13. Yeah, definitely tonally different from the source. What can I say, that's kind of what OCR's all about, in some ways, so nice work on that front. Listening to this on headphones, as well, I can hear what Larry's talking about on the panning being very wide, though there doesn't seem to be any moment where the panning gets unbalanced and distracts headphone users. Concerning the rest of the production the lead guitar could've had some more high-end EQ to help it stand out better, but other than that nitpick it's well within OCR's par. The source usage... I had to go back and listen to the source after listening to this, since it's so outside of what you expect, but it's certainly all there. I'm pretty impressed on just how different this sounds from the source while still technically having the source in there. I can see what others have said about the second half having quite a bit of similarity to the first part for some time, but I don't think it's an issue; the portions that are "repeated" are done so in a different, higher key, which makes it sound like an anthem's callback rather than just straight repetition. This is a solid arrangement; let's get er' done on here. YES
  14. Well then. Good thing SD3 is an ARPG, then.
  15. That's criminal. Bare minimum, you need to play through it three times for the different story line progression possibilities, as well as a few times more so you can experiment with the various character progression possibilities that one can experiment with... Probably the only game I've run through more than FFV, which is actually kind of scary, all things considered. EDIT: Oh yeah, awesome album, everyone should check it out, and all that jazz.