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  1. EVAL Oh, we've got some Undertale going down on here - great soundtrack. You do some fine work with the live guitar work, and it's pretty solidly produced, as well. Since this has the EVAL tag, though, I've got to say how it'd fair on the panel, and to that I'd have to say it'd likely be greatly enjoyed, and then quickly rejected because it's a really close cover of the source, with similar/identical instruments to the source to boot. The final section that plays Undertale is very jarring, as well, being a completely different in instrumentation and style; it's basically two different songs side-by-side. So while it's a fun cover, I'd suggest not submitting it to OCR at this stage as it's indeed a cover, which OCR would not accept. Great stuff, though - glad you shared it with the WIP forums.
  2. EVAL Well, this is some really great stuff. I can't say too much about this; it's some quality metal that'd likely pass in the panel (if it weren't directly posted on the site). It's a pretty straight arrangement, but there's a lot of machinery going on in the background that help it stand out, as well as some sweeping solos. We need some Megalovania on OCR, so here's hoping you send it our way. I wish I could give more productive advice on this, but you really did sweep this one out of the water. Hope to see it on the panel soon!
  3. Yeah, Nutritious' is on point on this one; the arrangement overlays the source track. Though quiet, the backing track is there throughout. It's kind of cool that the artist actually (allegedly) got permission from the original composer to do this, but as per OCR's standards this isn't considered substantial enough to be considered an arrangement: The track, while pretty neat unto itself, is in essence taking the original game audio and adding items on top of it (standard specifies drums, but this applies to other instruments too), which violates this standard. I should've caught it in the inbox, but no biggie. NO, OVERRIDE
  4. Gario

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Finished...But Who Is It For?

    Who's it for? I have no idea, to be honest. Bought it, already owned the other games, figure it's about time to actually give them a shot (have beaten KH1 in the past, go me). In the meantime, my fiance is playing through KH3 (she knows the story better than I), and I'm having a blast making up what the story is about as she goes along. Something about everyone is Sora, everyone is Xehonort, lots of keyholes for Sora's gunblade to fire, and Donald is a zero healing asshole. Worked for me so far, so eh, that's the story now. It's weird, but it's still fun.
  5. Note: If this passes, this will need a new name, as this doesn't currently have a title that will work for OCR. - Gario Hi, I'm sending my mix for review. Contact Information: ReMixer name: Karigen Real name: Mindaugas Račaitis Email address: Website: / Userid on our forums: Karigen Submission Information: Name of game: Ranger X / Ex-Ranza Name of arrangement: Stage 5 Theme Additional information about game: Platform: Sega mega drive / Sega genessis Composer: Yoshinobu Hiraiwa Link to the original soundtrack: Remix made on Cubase 5 program, project video for proof of legality
  6. Dan Froelich’s Theme “Funky” from the computer game “Jill of the Jungle” from Epic Megagames. A Nick Stubblefield arrangement, featuring Nick Stubblefield on keyboards (with permission acquired from the original composer!) Remixer name: NickStubblefield Real Name: Nicholas Jay Stubblefield Email: Web: Name of game arranged: Jill of the Jungle Name of arrangement: Jazz of the Jungle Name of individual song arranged: “Funky” Game composer: Dan Froelich Description: Fun arrangmement of “Funky” from “Jill of the Jungle.” This music was utilized on the main menu as well as map levels of the game. I always found it inspiring, and decided to develop an overlay of blues and jazz that blended with the original track.
  7. Anthem of Futility (Damned) MrS4TURN9 Dan Juliot Call of Duty: Black Ops Anthem of Futility Damned (Zombie Theme) Kevin Sherwood I've always adored the melancholic sound of the piano melody 'Damned' from the zombie mode main menu. Remixing it has always been a dream. I wanted to capture the atmosphere the original evokes, the sense of impending, inevitable demise, while making it hit hard and swell with emphasized emotion. Here it is, a remix of my favorite haunting tune. Enjoy!
  8. Gario

    Rare Remixes of Megaman / Rockman 3

    Hello! Unfortunately, no matter how good a song it, you can't upload it on someone else's behalf. As per the Submissions Guidelines: If you could get Brendan's contact information and either get his permission or convince him to submit it to OCR then that would be another story, but we don't accept submissions on other people's behalf. As a judge, I'm going to add that these wouldn't be up to OCR's current quality standard, due to the conservative nature of the arrangements. I mean no offense on that; Brendan didn't submit them, so it's perfectly fine for what it is - it's just something we couldn't post on here regardless. But yeah, please don't upload other people's submissions; if people catch that their music had been uploaded on our site without their permission it can make the original author upset, and possibly lead to DjP being forced to take the music down later, which is a hassle. Thank you for asking.
  9. YES! More Motherpluckin' B music! I look forward to downloading another album from you.
  10. This is extremely sexy. Great voice work, too. From the thick beats to the constantly varying textures, this track wins on all fronts. Lovin' it.
  11. It'd be a fun idea to give a shot. K-wix did an album for it about a decade ago, so if you were wondering if someone on here had done it before then there ya go. It has good music, though, and certainly has a special enough place in history to merit another go.
  12. Gario

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    So I watched the series (I think my fiancee and I binged it over two nights - not a long series, even at twice the length of the first season), and I'll say it's really good*. *The anime is both quite slow, focusing on political intruigue and the emotional turmoil of the protagonists and antagonists, and at the same time quite fast, once the characters had time to be established the crew runs through the castle at an alarming pace. The action is great, though, and the character moments were really something to behold - even got a little teary-eye'd at the end (no spoilerz, bois). But yeah, great season 2, and it's nice to see the anime gave some room for another season or two, if people really want it. At the same time, it could end at this point pretty comfortably - I'd be okay with it either way. Good stuff here, we can forget the haters.
  13. sorry, i'm on the panel already, we're already in a Garpocalyptic Era of OCR. #feelsbadman
  14. Bruh. He's offering to do the work you do on the panel for a whole month, without compensation. It's like offering to give you a vacation for free. Do it, it'd be hilarious. Until DjP got mad at us randomly trying to grant judge privileges behind his back, anyway.
  15. Probably flavor of the week; I personally tend to get a lot of Izzet counter-burn decks and stompy green. It's pretty diverse in general, though; no better time to get into Magic than when no one has the cards to make a "great" deck, and no meta has really been established yet. It's like the wild west atm, it's great.