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  1. I thought this thread died and gave up on it. I'm pleasantly surprised! I'm busy right now writing music for a contest on newgrounds but will definitely contact you guys when I get the next arrangement together. And thank you, DJLionHeart!
  2. Thank you for the helpful advice. I have a decent grasp of music theory and composition but know next to nothing about mastering. The mood change did feel less satisfying after compression but I couldn't put my finger on why. Is it probably better to not even compress orchestral music in most cases?
  3. Mural OST - Drifting http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/486325 An animation student recently messaged me asking if I could rearrange a piece of mine called Drifting for a short film he is developing. While I've had a number of pieces used in videos and flash games, this is the first time that I've went the opposite direction and set music to film. It was a lot more difficult than I imagined, because synching the music to the visual cues created all kinds of headaches with timing. I had to take a nearly five minute piece and boil it down to two figuring out which parts were relevant to the short film and which were extraneous. In the film there is a significant visual cue where the entire mood changes, and I was desperately trying to get the music to fit up to that point. I had a sixteen bar phrase preceding it but ending up several seconds short. Slowing down the tempo to compensate sounded ridiculous forcing me to recompose much of the piece. I had to change the harmonic rhythm to get something like an 18 bar phrase. All of this was challenging but also an enormous amount of fun. I can't wait to score more films now. The video might be submitted to film festivals, so I can't link to it for a few months. Also, I improvised the piano part at the beginning and end, but everything in the middle is sequenced with mouse/keyboard. Constructive criticisms or other thoughts?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm working on some Zelda arrangements for solo piano and am looking for a performer. To give you an idea of technical difficulty, here is one of the arrangements: Audio: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/165200 Sheet Music: http://www.scribd.com/doc/62235982/Serenade-of-Storms I'd love to get that and a couple of others played by a person rather than by FL Studio and a soundfont. If your interested, the help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. The music of Final Fantasy is what inspired me to begin composing and pursue a career in video game and film music! Nobuo Uematsu has crafted some of the most catchy, soothing, mournful, fun, and overall memorable melodies that I have heard. He rocks! :'o
  6. Oh! I *have* listened to that track before. I like the simple piano part myself. That is an enjoyable remix. On the ReMix I'm working on, I notice a slight "popping" on ome parts? could anybody tell me how I might remove this in FL Studio?
  7. @Rozovian: Well, I submitted this last night. Perhaps that was a mistake. If it is rejected (Probably will be in the current state) I may just go back and tweak it before resubmitting. In any case, I *will* look for some better piano sounds and see if I can learn my DAW a bit better. I noticed that there are is slight popping at the beginning of the song and would like to find out if there is a way to edit that through mastering. Tindeck sounds like a good site. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the suggestion! @Glitch: Have you really? That is an odd chance. It isn't surprising that someone else is working on a piano mix of either of those songs, but what is the chance of both of us using the exact same two songs in a piano solo? O_o This was arranged in the demo of FL Studio using free sounds found on the internet. I couldn't half as good as this right now. >_< @ MrSneak: That is quite encouraging. Thank you for the comment! I would love to ReMix a variety of the Ocarina melodies piano. They are simple and ambiguous enough that I can easily add my own chords and fit in original material. That is one reason I have had such fun with this project so far! I do not believe that I've listened to the current Serenade of Water remix. I will check it out now.
  8. My knowledge of mastering is quite poor to say the least. I don't know what granulized means. I looked it up on google but did not find anything helpful. I will probably submit it as an e-mail attachment, as I don't know of many quality hosting sites. I was a bit worried that the SoW section was too close to being verbatim. I shrugged it off because it is such a small part of an otherwise liberal arrangement. If it ends up being a significant issue, I'll go back and modify it. As I said, my knowledge of mastering is rather poor. Perhaps the bad sound quality is not due to the host site? >_< I arranged this with nothing but free software. That may be one reason for the bad sound quality. (I used an FL Studio demo and a free piano sample I came across) Thank you for the comment! @Spakku: The octave swapping is one of my favorite parts. Unfortunately, the sample I used does not sound very crisp in the upper registers.
  9. (Sorry for the double post >_>) I have made a great deal of progress on the remix and am just putting on any finishing touches. As far as the actual arrangement, it is pretty much complete. I edited the link in the first post to the new version of the mix, but here it is: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/165200 I could really use any advice you have to offer.
  10. I was actually thinking something along those lines myself! While I'm somewhat set on ending with some rendition of the Serenade of Water, I'm trying to figure out a decent transition from the climax I built. I don't want to just suddenly drop into the Serenade, as it would be too jarring IMO. Sad piano is indeed cliche, but so is sad violin. As long as it sounds good though, I enjoy it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. I'm attempting to remix the Song of Storms for solo piano, briefly borrowing elements from the Serenade of Water. I'm aiming to add a lot of my own style and stray from the source material quite a bit. I've made a good deal of progress but am having trouble deciding how to end the piece. Also, I'm a bit worried that the mix is too liberal. I just started on this earlier today and would appreciate any advice offered. Thanks in advance, ~Blaze http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/165200 As for a link to the source material...Who hasn't ever heard the Song of Storms?
  12. Wow, thanks you all so much for the constructive comments! I'll get to work right away with revisions. This was originally just a loop, but I'll try to come up with an ending, and maybe a contrasting section for more variety. @Tensei-San: The soundfont I used for the bass was a Jazz Guitar, which is why it sounded soft. I'll see if I can find a good acoustic double-bass sample. I'm really pathetic with percussion, but I'll see what I can do.
  13. Hi, I'm a newb remixer (first post), and I would like some input on my first remix. It is an arrangement of "Windmill Hut" from Zelda: OOT, and it is meant to be somewhat jazzy. I don't plan on submitting it, as all I have at my disposal is soundfonts and an FL Studio demo. I'm just aiming to improve my skills. Here is the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/83843 Please be honest and tell me how I can improve it. Did I stray too far from the source material? Is this even jazz? Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, BlazingDragon
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