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  1. Thanks,everyone, for your feedback. I'm planning on checking out the next Gridcon.
  2. Funny you should mention MvC2. That was actually one of the first fighters we acquired. There's a whole blog entry about how we restored it. I think it looks great. And we've already got a Capcom vs SNK2, a whole slew of Neo-Geo fighters and we recently got our hands on Melty Blood. I love that game.
  3. Hey everyone. My friend and I are trying to get an arcade opened up in our town, Tulsa, Oklahoma. There aren't any here. And the ones that used to be here all kind of sucked. We've already put in over $15,000.00 towards this goal. And we've made a website to show people our idea and to give them a safe and easy way to donate towards our startup goal. We'd love to hear your input. What games would you put in your dream arcade? What you leave out? And most importantly, what would it take to get you to travel to Tulsa Oklahoma to come and play there? Here's the site url: www.level1tulsa.com Thanks everybody!
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