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    I've been using FL for over a year now. I'm improving my skills with every new song i make and i would be happy to get some advise on how to make my music better.

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  1. Click here to listen! The song's skeleton is finished I just want some help with fine-tuning and anything else you guys can critic me on. xD Songs used: Love Theme Porky's theme Gentle rain memory of Mother 18 Melodies 8 melodies (from Mother)
  2. okay, sounds good. can you explain what "stereo-spreading" and "panning". xD
  3. worked on it a bit. Added a few things here and there and re-did the percussion parts. Anything else i should add/subtract?
  4. Well i worked on it a bit. I tried to fill the "empty" parts and reworked the drums a bit. I also dropped the octave on the guitar and try to humanize it a bit more. Anything else that could use more work? Click here to listen!
  5. why not ask me to remake the whole soundtrack? Hell, we should collab on the whole thing while we're at it. 8D
  6. Yeah, i'm a bit inexperienced for arranging music, hopefully working with you guys will help me improve my works. I know the judges will most likely reject it, that's fine with me, I'm looking for critic. Can you clarify what you mean by "empty" and "humanization"? I've never really heard that terminology being used at the sites i frequent, so anything you can help me out with would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully reworking the song from the ground with your help will help me improve my pieces. :3
  7. Yeah, I'll get around to it some time. It would be fun to do. xD
  8. This is most likely a franchise that not a lot of people know about for the PS2. So, hopefully someone will be interested enough in this to help me out a bit. I submitted this to OC about a month ago, i have no idea what's going on with it, as i haven't been rejected yet. xD but if you guys could help out and tell me what you think about it, that would be nice. the only real source material i used was "Mount Gundor Grotto" from the soundtrack in the beginning. But it's a change from how the tune originally sounds, so hopefully i won't get docked points there. Click here to listen!
  9. how do you make one for tempo changes? I could never really understand how to make one. XD
  10. I have one done but it's not MGS4 related. XD Maybe I'll try doing some from 4.