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  1. I think I actually have FL 8 and 10 installed on this PC, too.. XD
  2. I see.. Well, it doesn't matter, I have patience. Does it matter that it's FL Studio 11??
  3. Thank you both for your input. I'm definitely going to take it all into consideration for the 2016 version. Especially that Limiter, I'm gonna look into that. If it's a VST Plugin, it should be easy to get it into FL Studio..
  4. Wow, *cough*, the dust here is baaad.. maybe I should've returned sooner than WELL OVER SIX YEARS LATER.. So, what happened after Emunator's comment: First off, I didn't submit it to R:TS. Maybe I should have, maybe I shouldn't have, in the end I didn't. I followed my own path.. and got absolutely nowhere. Which was fine- I was remixing for my own fun anyway, and just wanted to share it with the world.. which I have. A bunch of my remixes are on YouTube, and one of them even got picked for a GaijinGoombah video.. though the credits were like .001 second on screen >_>;.. A few months after posting v5, I made a v6 and then didn't really bother with it again until I 'released' my MMXI album- that's roman numerals for 2011, not Mega Man X1 :P- and later on an album with 'deleted tracks'... even released a thing with from-scratch tracks on bandcamp! But well, that's not what the topic is about, so.. yeah. I just kinda wanted to give an update on how things are going. For the v6 I mentioned, see here: Bob-Omb Battlefield v6 and for the MMXI release, have a YouTube link: MMXI release of Bob-Omb Battlefield The rest of the links in the topic are broken- I switched domains from .nl to .net and had to throw around a lot.. the opening post has all working links, in case old versions are still interesting. And uh.. final word is that I'm giving it one final one-over. A 2016 edition, so to speak.. I don't think I'm changing much from the MMXI version, since I personally loved it, but I intend to throw the 2016 version at the judges, even if I pretty much know it won't succeed.. but hey, if I don't even give it a shot, I'd regret that forever, right?
  5. Nobody interested in doing this? I thought it seemed like an interesting idea.. :S
  6. I was thinking of doing a remix like this myself, but.. I kind of found out I'm quite unable to. So, I invite someone else to do this challenge: Remix the into a song that is MARIO KART worthy! I've been thinking it through and I'm sure that this song could DEFINATELY fit in the Mario Kart style. I'm still going to attempt it myself, but.. anyone else taking a shot..?
  7. How fortunate that my songs ARE aimed at the 'casual listener'. To be honest, that's what I think is what OCRemix is lacking nowadays. There are quite some awesome remixes in there, but there's alot of those that are more 'art' than awesome. Kind of makes me depressed, knowing that these kind of remixes will probably never stand a chance unless they stand out.
  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes that name indeed sucks. Anyway, I dont know if I'm going to submit it at all. If the locals have trouble with it, most likely so will the judges. ..Ofcourse, I suppose there's worse crap being submitted, so one more wouldn't hurt.. would it? If anything, I'd still need a title.
  9. Heh, I've already come a LOOONG way. I've had some bad remixes in the past.. These weren't my FIRST remixes, and definately wont be the last.
  10. ..Believe it or not, but the last 4 months, I have in fact been messing around with this song. But whatever I do, it seems that my newbie status is not outgrown as of yet. I'm stuck with no inspiration for changing the drums AT ALL. As for remixing, I'm already very proud at what I've thusfar accomplished. While I've had some ideas left and right, most of them failed.. (though I got a nice little other track from those experiments.) If anything, I guess I'll just stay the unknown 'remixer/remaker' I've thusfar been. I encourage people to try my latest remakes, 'Eolis' and 'Overworld', both from the NES game Faxanadu. I think they're awesome. Comment away if you must, but I doubt I'll be really editing them. I just really like remixing/remaking. If it isn't OC-standards, then so be it.
  11. I've yet to actually satisfy all opinions with a change, but.. There's definately a large number of changes in here.. Bob-Omb Battlefield v5 I've added another drumline, added an additional synth that plays a little different from the others, and increased the bass volume as well as adding another synth as bass. I need idea's on how to be more creative in this process.. I thoroughly fail at that point, and it's sticking really close to the original still.
  12. I mistyped the URL. I have no idea how that 'y' ended up in the place of the '4', but the upload was good and the file was there. No need to bash my own hosting because of a mistype. I fixed the URL, so you can click it now.
  13. Life got in the way. I have still not done anything with the drums. I've made the lead louder, though. Is that what you wanted, dPaladin? Bob-Omb Battlefield v4
  14. Ahh, there's some advice I could use. Alright, I'll be working on this then. Heh, I'm listening to an experiment while typing this, and.. it does indeed sound a bit better, although the music has a bit of a choppy feel to it.. I think it might be my computer though, since alot of songs have been 'choppy' until it was properly rendered. I'll hear it once it's rendered. Haha, naw, it's alright. To be honest, I kind of expected someone to come out and hit me with all these advance terms, so I had a good friend waiting for your post- his name is Google, heard of it? Just kidding there.. I'm already glad someone came and actually replied to my topic. Hrm, I'll have to try it. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'layering the drums', but I think I've got a general idea... Fruity Loops 8. Thinking of getting 9, but after I found out some of my favorite instruments had changed between 7 and 8, I'm starting to doubt this idea. My problem is really that I'm the kind of guy that's better at 're-doing' something than actually changing it.. the biggest difference between this and the original song is the synths.. :S But I'm going to try nonetheless, thanks for all the advice.. I'll post this 'third edition' once it's done. Add: I haven't yet done anything with the drums, but I've already removed the delay from the synths and removed the useless extra's (you could barely hear them anyway.. :S) Bob-Omb Battlefield v3
  15. Ahaha, I think you have me confused with someone who actually knows what you're talking about.. XD I'm a remixing rookie, I'm afraid. Anyway.. I've tried to fix it around a bit, and added an extra drumkit (it took me ages to find out you meant the drums when you said 'kit', and I still dont know if that's really what you're looking for XD) and made the synths a bit longer making them overlap with the next notes.. Whether this is what you meant, I dont know, but I've come up with the next edition: Bob-Omb Battlefield v2 You can probably hear the extra synths I've added to experiment, but I dunno, I dont think they work out very well.. also, I kind of suck at 'going crazy'.. :S I've tried to be a bit original and add a few extra notes here and there, but whenever I listened to it, it just felt out of place in the song and took them out again.. You know, this kind of means my mission's already complete.. the song WAS made to cheer someone up, and if you're laughing then I suppose it's already awesome, no?
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