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  1. Just played through this game on PSP, really excellent game. I loved the music so I came here to check... and see - the first ever remix was just uploaded! This is a great remix, orchestration fits the music nicely. Kind of slow in the start and in overall, but the last memorable tunes totally make up for it. Great work!
  2. OH SWEET GOD OF JESUS. Erm well, I just saw and listened to this remix and felt an urge to register here just to tell you how AWESOME this remix is! I love this game and the music (PSP ftw), and this is one of the best tracks ever. Been looking for Jade Cocoon remixes a lot before but not until now did one show up... very good job! I hope you can bring us more JC sweetness. As good as Sirus Village is, I think the main theme is even better. But it might be hard to remix... And in case you haven't seen this special remix of Sirus Village, check it out: LOVE to you man!
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