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  1. Greetings Overclockers, this is FT speaking and it looks to be a rather Tenacious morning! I'm a newcomer to OCRemix forums, but have been listening to their tunes from time to time for about a year now, and after noticing the disturbing lack of Mortal Kombat mixes, I decided to register so that my voice could be heard. But don't worry, I'm a veteran of forums like these. That's one less person you'll have to educate in Netiquette. I'm a big fan of Tenacious D, as well as many classic rock bands, but my head's so full of jagged metal that I don't really have much room for anything else, unless it sounds epic, so I'm more of a fan of remixes that sound more like rock anthems than anything else. Another reason why I'm here: I notice a sickening absence of rock remixes. Anyways, during my endeavors to get these unholy qualities purged from the site, I seek to have a fun, occasionally silly time here at the forums. Here's hoping I last for a good week or so! ~FT