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  1. Thanks alot for all the critique and suggestions, really helpful! I completely agree with your points, I should add more variation to the song, make it more alive etc. Already working on adding a few of your suggestions to it. I must admit I had a hard time trying to get some powerfull hits at the 1:00 section, you have some good suggestions there so I will definitely try to make it more powerfull. Another problem as you mention, is the transition at 1:36 and I do often have a problem making transitions like that. When you say offset it, how do you mean then? Would a tempo shift, making it slightly slower perhaps help? Once again, thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, never really posted something I worked on before so this will be a first time. I recently came back to composing music after a long break and wanted to get something done pretty quick as a 'warm up'. So I did this track. It's an action theme song, a bit similar in style to what you may find in the Metal Gear Solid series. The song was completed in 2 days, like I said, I wanted something done quick. Linky - Hope you enjoy it and C&C is very welcome
  3. I do not have a sollution, but just wanted to chip in. I have exacly the same problem with this soundcard. It can record my guitar, but nothing happens with my mic. And just like you, it works in my Realtek soundcard on the motherboard. I wonder if this is a common problem with this soundcard, and I would love to know a sollution.
  4. Those look like really awsome gifts. Specially the soundtrack. From what I read this soundtrack has alot more music than the normal one that will come, alot of specially arranged stuff. I hope it will be possible to buy this one at some point. @phantomINTELLECT I take it you didn't hear any of the music from SMG, obviously since you probably think it's Sunshine standard. SMG has a huge amount of awsome Orchestrated music. Listen to this for example - (video from the recording session)