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  1. So I've been lurking for some time here, and thought I'd throw a suggestion out there. I'm a huge fan of Descent 1 and 2, and the only ReMix I found for either was from Descent 2 (a well-done piece by DJ Redlight 4 years ago). I'd like to request that a Descent 1 song be redone. I'm not sure of the track name, but it's the song from the intro movie/cinematic/scene/whatever. Genre matters not, it's just a great track that could use some reinterpretation. I found myself really noticing the song in the background on my last playthrough and I think it needs some coverage. If anyone knows the name of the track, feel free to help me out here. Thanks a lot for your time, guys! EDIT. I downloaded the soundtrack and, well, EVERYTHING is well-made electronic music that could be remastered and added on to. Great material to work with. I actually think this entire soundtrack would be fun to work with. Let me know if you want some copies and I'll spread them around to remixers who are interested.
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    I've not found a whole lot of these that I really enjoy. I've watched a couple Earthbound and CT ones just because I wanted to see if I missed anything in my X number of playthroughs. Some are entertaining, others are annoying. The best one I ever watched was on Zelda 2. Dude was hilarious. Lost the url, though.
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    Hey. That house had an awesome ocean view.
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    Gamer Shame

    I always got lost in Nova Prospect. Every time. At the point where you have to leave the dilapidated topside and go down to where Alyx's dad is, I never can find that point. I just give up and noclip around the map. And, of course, once that one cheat's in, you just gotta hit the rest. Actually, I remember why I never beat Chrono Cross: Miguel (wasn't that his name? The dude with the lightsaber looking thing. It's been years) always locked up my disk for some reason and I couldn't get past it. I now own a different copy but my attention has been occupied with kid and wife (it was a lot easier to find time when I was, like, 14). And I also watched the Mother 3 translation for years and still haven't made it even halfway through. I just don't enjoy it as much as Mother 2, Earthbound, whatever you want to call it. Also, I remember reading reviews that Quest 64 was terrible but it's one of my favorite action/adventure games of all time. Go figure.
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    Gamer Shame

    I played but didn't beat... (I'm TERRIBLE at putting down games and never finishing them...) FF1. Barely started it. FF2. Barely started it. FF3. Barely started it. FF6. Got to last dungeon and got bored. FF7. I remember Midgar getting blown up somehow, but never actually ventured inside. Started doing sidequests and got bored. FF8. I got to... hell, I don't remember. Somewhere on disc 4. FF9. I HATED this game, my least favorite FF. I got to the beginning of the last dungeon and quit. FFX. I couldn't beat the last boss and never tried again. FF12. I'm still playing it occasionally. Final Fantasy Tactics. Got to the last battle and couldn't beat it, quit. Still haven't beat Twilight Princess. I'm currently in the Sky Temple... haven't put it in the Wii in like a year. Never beat Super Mario Galaxy, and sold it. Never beat Chrono Cross. Got to the one place out in the ocean where time is frozen (I think? I could be remembering wrong) and quit. Never played any Resident Evil for any length of time. Never beat HL1 without cheats (or HL2 for that matter). I always get stuck and frustrated, and just wind up godmoding and noclipping. Never beat Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Illusion of Gaia, Tales of Phantasia... the list goes on. Never beat Dragon Quest VIII. Got to the last dungeon... can you guess the rest? Never beat Lufia 1 or 2, though I only got like halfway through each. I own a copy of Albion for my PC and never beat it. I've never played any Sonic game past level one, and I've never owned a Sega system. I once had a Virtual Boy... and secretly loved it. Never played or even seen Wind Waker in action, but played every other title (except for the ones on "that other" system. And whoever said Megaman X was awesome, you are correct. Though I didn't think X, X2 or X3 were particularly hard, any of them. There are plenty more sins I have committed, but I'm sure I've said enough to show my unclean status in the eyes of gaming gods...
  6. Oh God, Yaridovich. SMRPG was always pretty easy to me because I like to powerlevel, but I'd say ol' Yari is the second-hardest boss in the game (next to Culex). Smithy was cake to me, but again, I was packing Lazy Shell (isn't that what it's called? memory fails sometimes) armor, the best weapons and accessories, and fully leveled lv. 30 characters. If I did it at, say, level 23 or so with the standard store-bought stuff, it would be QUITE the challenge. I should play back through and do that, actually.